Capcom Fighting Evolution

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a game by Capcom
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.3/10 - 6 votes
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Capcom Fighting Evolution
Capcom Fighting Evolution
Capcom Fighting Evolution

Someone should hit up Capcom with a false advertising lawsuit, because their latest 2D fighter, Capcom Fighting Evolution, is a complete misnomer. Granted, Capcom nostalgia abounds and there's plenty of fighting, but to evolve something requires a change, and Capcom Fighting Evolution fails to evolve the genre or even revolutionize it. Instead, it just seems to showcase just what's wrong with many of the 2D fighters today.

Gameplay-wise, Capcom Fighting Evolution works just fine: the controls are tight and there are no big problems with the fighting engine. Nothing is new here and there were no punches pulled, but that's okay. Crossover fighters, by nature, are somewhat re-hashed. When you're combining two or more games, nothing huge is going to be invented. Instead, for crossovers, the focus should be more on fan service, taking the best parts of each game and squishing them into one big fighting-fest.

Capcom Fighting Evolution fails to do that. With the huge cast of characters that has appeared in Capcom 2D fighters, it's a shame to see that only 23 found their way into Capcom Fighting Evolution. Likewise, the selection of gameplay modes is incredibly lacking, with only the arcade mode as the viable source of single-player content. That may have worked had there been enough unlockables to warrant playing through the arcade mode multiple times, but with only two unlockable characters and other miscellaneous stuff of lesser interest, there's not much reason the replay Capcom Fighting Evolution more than a couple times on your lonesome.

Stranger yet is that there was no attempt at unifying the fighting engine. Street Fighter II characters play just like they did in their original incarnation and the same goes for Street Fighter III characters ' and there were some serious changes between the two. Street Fighter III characters, for example, have an arsenal of defensive options at their disposal ' blocks, counters, parries ' but Street Fighter II characters can only block. This is countered, of course, by making the Street Fighter II characters the heavy hitters; bulldozers that need no finesse to mash through the stages with. You might call it a nice touch since the fighters from each series play uniquely different, but I call it rushed - especially when you take the small cast of characters and lack of gameplay modes into account.

And really, that's the main problem with Capcom Fighting Evolution: it feels incredibly rushed. From the recycled visuals to the middling audio, I couldn't help but shake the feeling that Capcom Fighting Evolution was shoved out too soon. The fighting engine itself is solid enough, sure, but they could have done so much more with the first Capcom-only crossover fighter. Crossover fighters should be about fan service, yes, but Capcom Fighting Evolution seems more about taking advantage of the fans with a barebones cash-in that won't do much to satiate their appetite for a strong, worthwhile 2D fighter.

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