Train Simulator Classic

Download Train Simulator Classic and become the ultimate train conductor! Control powerful locomotives, navigate realistic routes, and master the challenges of managing a bustling rail network. All aboard for simulation fun and play now!
a game by Dovetail Games
Platform: PC (2009)
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 4 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.9/10 - 22 votes
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Train Simulator Classic
Train Simulator Classic
Train Simulator Classic

We are taking things back to basics today with Train Simulator Classic! I have looked at most of the other Train Simulator releases here on the site and today we are checking out the base release and what it offers gamers in 2022 (or whenever it may be that you are reading this) it is pretty cool to take it back to the original version of the game and I hope you will hop on board and join me on this ride!

All Aboard!

As the title suggests what we have going on here is a game that is all about riding the rails, working the switches, and hauling ass down a track on a very realistic looking and handling train. Train Simulator Classic is where this series really started and with this version of the game you are getting three large and expansive real train routes that you get to try your train driving skill on.

All Over The World!

Ok, so Train Simulator Classic is not taking you all over the world, but you have three very different locations to drive trains in. We are starting in Germany with the Leipzig – Riesa, then we swim across the pond to the UK as we tackle the London Euston – Birmingham. We then end up in the USA as we take on the sunshine of California as we take on the tracks between Mojave and the fertile San Joaquin Valley. These are three very different routes, each one offering you a new challenge of driving your train and getting it where it needs to be on time. Each location looks vastly different too and the little details are fantastic and make it hard to keep your eyes on the rails.


As someone that grew up in Scotland, the movie Trainspotting is a pretty big deal, granted that 90s classic has zero to do with Train Simulator Classic here, but I do want to tell you that for train enthusiasts, this game is epic. I am not someone that could tell you the difference between one train to the next apart from the color! However, there are many real trains in this game, they specifically mention the DB BR 411 ICE T, BR Class 390 Pendolino, and Union Pacific AC4400CW models, but there are far more than just these trains. Granted, these names mean nothing to me, but I do know a cool and realistic looking train when I see it.

More Than Just A Throttle

Driving a train is way more complex than you would think and while Train Simulator Classic may seem like a rather daunting game, it is still rather easy to get into and the game does a great job of teaching you how to play it. As well as going fast and slowing down, you need to make sure that your passengers are ok and that you are paying attention to the various signals and also obeying any safety issues that may occur on your route.


I get that these types of games are not for everyone, but I do think that playing Train Simulator Classic is a fun time. If I am being 100 percent honest, I am not sure that I would play this over one of the newer installments or expansions that we have had. However, this still has many of the features and that high level of attention to detail that the more modern entries are known for.


  • Each of the three routes feels very different
  • I love the visuals of this game and all the little bits of detail
  • There are many different and realistic looking trains to drive
  • While complex, the game does not have a huge learning curve


  • I do feel that later expansions and releases are better than this
  • If you have zero interest in trains, you will not get into this

Download Train Simulator Classic


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Train Simulator Classic is a realistic and high-quality train simulator with an open world, an atmospheric journey along the rails in virtual reality, where the player will watch picturesque sunsets from the train cabin and comfortably take passengers to the desired destinations.

Station atmosphere

Romance of railway stations:

  • The wheels of suitcases clattering on the pavement
  • Mothers hugging their sons
  • Romantic couples hurrying to say goodbye
  • A woman's voice is softly talking about the platforms
  • Men run to the right train, stumbling along the way


The player's eyes will enjoy a view of the best cities in the new world:

  • London
  • Dresden
  • Leipzig

The variety of landscapes is astounding: concrete dark tunnels, green fresh fields, hot deserts and semi-deserts, fertile valleys at sunset, coniferous forests, tall sharp mountains.


Heavy vehicles made of steel will drive under the guidance of the player through the European Union. Beautifully painted, high-speed, passenger, freight, minimalist, comfortable, safe - the cockpit of such trains is now available to you as well.

The player will become a master of driving and master the basic principles of a comfortable ride for customers. Long trips must pass without incident, because at stake are the lives of ordinary people who want to enjoy a long and happy life.

For people who love to create their own tracks, the developers Train Simulator Classic have come up with a track builder that allows you to create your own individual route.

Adjust the view: from the driver's cabin or from above, so you can see the train itself and the scenic views. The player will have a hard time, because operating a train is a whole science. There are many buttons in the cockpit and only a knowledgeable person can figure out how to move, brake and give important signals. You will have to skip trains, follow the speed limit, monitor the sensors, calculate the brakes.


Train Simulator Classic is a chance to ride to glory for train fans. Recommended to fans of Train Sim World and Open Rails.

Railfans worldwide have never had such an opportunity to translate their passions into the video game sphere. Train Simulator Classic is the ultimate medium allowing train enthusiasts to live out their dreams, controlling and managing some of the world's most famous rail routes. It may be exciting for those that immerse themselves in the hobby, but what about everyone else?

Train Simulator Classic would feel like one of those niche games that would only appeal to the esoteric demographic of railfans. However, train management's intricacies might appeal to those who like a challenge. And you can't knock the fact that the rides involve some pleasant scenery spanning popular world locations. So let's see where the game ranks on the fun bar.

Choo-Choo, I'm a Train!

A video game that simulates trains wouldn't be the most farfetched concept in the world. After all, plenty of people take up hobbies with model trains, building sets, and purchasing houses to showcase their collection. Train Simulator Classic allows railfans to condense their passions into a video game, running their trains through real-world and fictional routes throughout Europe and North America.

Let's go ahead and say that Train Simulator Classic is much more fun than anticipated. You are planning your journey, managing all the brakes and switches, and fantasizing about the everyday lives of your passengers. It all scratches an itch you didn't think you had. There's a quick drive mode to satisfy the need to run on rails and a career mode for a lasting professional endeavor as a train driver.

Yes, being in charge of these mammoth machines is fun. Especially when you get into the editing tools to create your content. However, from the outsider's perspective, the novelty of driving trains wears off quickly when you realize you're just doing the same thing repeatedly. Railfans might love that extent of control and repetitiveness. Still, those not in the community might feel there isn't much reason to continue.

But the railfans above will find much to love with Train Simulator Classic. The workshop's endless content will continue to excite you for as long as you love trains. And that could be forever! There are plenty of locations, stations, train models, subway systems, and stories to be told.

The Original Railed Video Game

So back to the original question, is Train Simulator Classic fun for people that don't identify as railfans? The answer is yes - but to an extent. You'll probably run out of things to do if you don't appreciate the lore and legends of the training industry or enjoy the real-world translations of assets into the video games.


We'd argue Train Simulator Classic lays the groundwork as the go-to game for train lovers, expanding even more on what made Rail Simulator a good match. However, it's a title that won't keep you roped in forever if you're not part of the railfan community. But if you are, there are endless amounts of entertainment to behold.

Round-Up - Pros & Cons


  • It makes the intricacies of driving a train fun
  • Endless possibilities with editing tools
  • Create your own stories as a train driver


  • The mechanics of the game are limited if you're not a railfan
  • Some of the visuals could better represent trains and locations
  • Not much effort to make the game attractive to non-railfans

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