Transworld Snowboarding

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a game by Infogrames
Platform: XBox
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.8/10 - 5 votes
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With the explosion of extreme sport games like SSX Tricky and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Series, many have attempted to achieve the same success. That success doesn't come easy however as creating the right balance of trick selection, achievable goals, and respect to physics can be difficult to manage. Transworld Snowboarding is the latest to make this attempt but unfortunately doesn't find the balance more successful extreme sport games have found.

Transworld Snowboarding does have big shoes to fill as SSX Tricky and even Amped, to a lesser degree, have paved the way for snowboarding games. Closer related to Amped however, Transworld Snowboarding is more of a simulation game with new levels and boards can be unlocked when goals are achieved. Opposite of most games in this genre however, the goals are extremely easy to accomplish.

While this may be advantageous for younger players, more experienced players however will quickly complete them and even lose interest. In addition to easily achieved goals, you'll find it virtually impossible to fall off the board as even when you're landing in the middle of a trick, more times then not you'll land on your feet. Continuing with the simple theme, the levels won't offer too much of a challenge either with some lasting only 20 seconds and others lacking innovation and short cuts that would expand them.

Other areas of the game have smaller issues, but generally perform well enough. The graphics are more marginal with textures that don't look right all the time and landscapes that can appear distorted but major issues like the control system and trick execution are comfortable and easy to pick up.

Transworld Snowboarding puts together a snowboarding experience that would attract younger audiences but might bore older, more experienced audiences. With other better-balanced games already on the market, only snowboarding fans looking for something new will appreciate Transworld Snowboarding, as your money may be better spent elsewhere.

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