Tropico: Paradise Island

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a game by PopTop Software, and BreakAway Games Ltd.
Platform: PC
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 8 votes
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Tropico: Paradise Island
Tropico: Paradise Island
Tropico: Paradise Island
Tropico: Paradise Island

Tropico really could have been a great game. The signs initially looked pretty impressive: take the established SimCity formula and make it a hundred times more interesting, by putting you at the head of a very corrupt government on a small tropical island. Rather than plan roads, industrial, residential and commercial sectors with little or no purpose. Tropico promised a real edge; the peasants could revolt at any moment, the army may rise up against you, or any number of extreme groups would demonstrate against your unwillingness to embrace communism, capitalism, or other forms of religious fundamentalism and tyranny. However, while you could imprison or execute your political enemies, you had to rely on a rather inept police force. Where were the secret police and their torture chambers? Where were the army when you needed them? More to the point, where were the coca fields?

Unfortunately, as the name suggests, Paradise Island takes Tropico further down the more socially acceptable path, offering much more for those who would prefer to pander to the needs of 'yanqui’ tourists than those who’d rather attach electrodes to the genitals of their citizens. As such you get about 14 new buildings that cater exclusively for tourists, a couple for your people to enjoy, an army base and new presidential laws such as conscription and social security. The phrase 'more of the same’ has never been more apt.

For those of you who were disappointed with Tropico’s handful of missions, the good news is that Paradise Island adds another 20 scenarios, some of which are actually rather entertaining. However, with a few interface tweaks and changes to constructions and elections, the best of what Paradise Island has to offer feels more like a patch update than a proper expansion. There is so much more that could have been added: drug dealing, multiplayer, proper military options - the list of what we would have liked to have seen included is almost endless. Unfortunately though, what we have ended up with is an Andrew Ridgely to mime alongside Tropico's George Michael. The add-on complements the game well enough, but you’d be better off without it for what little it adds to the original game.

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