Ultraman Nexus

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a game by Bandai
Platform: Playstation 2
User Rating: 7.4/10 - 10 votes
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Ultraman Nexus
Ultraman Nexus
Ultraman Nexus

War of the Monsters meets the best of Jetman is the best way to describe the experience of playing Ultraman Nexus. From monster battles to hand to hand grappling filled combat between two worthy opponents, Ultra Man Nexus does a rather good job of making you feel like a powerful tool of defense. That doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and rainbows though, as the game does have its issues. Overall however it is a rather fun and action packed experience that pays homage to its inspiration and original franchise.

Explosive Combat (Literally)

Ultra Man Nexus consists of a series of multiple primarily one on one battles with your opponents. Basically transforming into a fighting game where each opponent is one as equally skilled as the player. Battles can last for short or longer periods of time, but all of them have the same breakneck sense of tension and speed. Each battle feels like a dire struggle between an enemy that is just as if not stronger than yourself.

Combine this with some heavy moves to be performed both by the player and against them, and some stylishly unique and joyful to behold combos, and you get the combat system of Nexus! The combat is fun to watch and satisfying to pull off, but it does have some issues, primarily in its simplicity. The combat is very basic in design, despite the use of some cool looking special abilities and combos, nothing about the combat system is all that interesting or unique. This means that while the many moves you can pull off feel satisfying to look at, executing them doesn’t give the same sense of satisfaction, resulting in a jarring and negative juxtaposition.

Graphical Style

Ultraman Nexus does a rather good job of replicating the look of Tokusatsu characters. The look of the game is a pretty stellar representation of its source material. The biggest issue is not in the graphical style, but in its capability. The graphics are alright, but nothing special, the backgrounds are washed out grays, blues, and browns that don’t provide any interesting backdrop for the action. The textures on each character are rather flat even for a PS2 game, and the enemy designs are nothing to write home about, with some of them being repeated gratuitously. Despite this however, the game never becomes unbearable to look at.


Ultraman Nexus has the perfect music to rock out to while defending the earth from invading evil forces. Even the title screen has a heart pumping rock and roll track to it. This is how much of the music in the game is presented. Using a fine mix of percussion and strings to create a mood of pure badass action.

The OST may feel a bit uninspired at times, but it never fails to get the player excited about taking down some monsters. Small calming moments are scattered throughout the tracks, giving the player some time to breath before heading back into the action. These moments of calm are greatly appreciated in a game so packed to the brim with action.


  • Awe inspiring combos
  • Satisfying combat system
  • Authentic Tokusatsu feel
  • Fun and blood pumping music


  • Simple combat system
  • Lackluster graphical design
  • Uninspired soundtrack

Ultraman Nexus is a fun game with some awesome music and pretty satisfying combat. Though it fails to reinvent the genre in any notable or unique ways, it never fails to be a fun time. Even if you’re just staring in awe at the over the top combos or bobbing your head to the music, Ultraman Nexus is a fun time overall.

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Playstation 2

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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