Virtua Athlete 2k

a game by Hitmaker
Platform: Dreamcast
Editor Rating: 6.5/10, based on 1 review
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Virtua Athlete 2k
Virtua Athlete 2k
Virtua Athlete 2k
Virtua Athlete 2k

Remember the Saturn? How about the little-known game called Decathlete? It seems Climax Entertainment does, since Virtua Athlete 2K is almost a carbon-copy of Decathlete, right down to the order in which the seven events take place.

And what better time to release a Track & Field title? Agetec's throwing their proverbial hat into the Olympic arena by localizing Virtua Athlete, taking on Konami and Eidos.

Like other games in this genre, most of the time in VA 2K you only need to worry about tapping a couple of power buttons really fast, and once in a while hit an action button to do things like jump or lean into the finish line of a race. Occasionally the D-pad comes into play, either to control direction in a foot race or to curl around the bar in the High jump. The only other variable in most events is the endurance meter, meaning mashing the buttons as quickly as possible isn't always the best strategy.

Completing a seven-event tournament (100M Dash, Long Jump, Shot Put, High Jump, no M Hurdles, Javelin Throw and 1500M Race) unlocks a collection of 61 "sports" (everything from Synchronized Swimming to Jazz Music) which, if chosen as "Favorite Sports" in the character editor, affect certain athletic aspects. In fact, this is one of the only differences between Decathlete and Virtua Athlete 2K.

Hopefully Agetec will make a few changes to this game during the localization procedure. The major problem with VA 2K is the difficulty. It's far too hard to win any of the events, even on the easiest settings. Playing against three friends makes this a decent party game, but even then the extreme difficulty hurts the fun factor. Still, thus far the game plays a tad better than International Track & Field, so Agetec may just cash in on this venture.

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