Wild Arms

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a game by Sony Imagesoft
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 8.2/10, based on 3 reviews, 6 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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Wild Arms
Wild Arms
Wild Arms

People say:


The wait for Final Fantasy VII doesn't seem so bad now, because Wild Arms-easily the best PlayStation RPG to date-is more than enough to tide me over. The best thing about this game is how busy it keeps your three-person party. During the course of the game, you'll discover tools and special weapons, learn powerful attack skills, uncover "Crest Graphs" to learn new spells, nab runes so you can summon guardians (huge creatures similar to Final Fantasy's Espers), roam the land in three unique vehicles and solve hundreds of puzzles. Why, you even have to complete mini-adventures for each of the three characters before the game begins in earnest. And while guiding only three characters may seem a little lame. Wild Arms actually offers one of the best party systems in RPG history. Each character can wield up to four tools, which you discover as the game progresses, and each tool will help you overcome certain obstacles in the dungeons. Bombs, for instance, will blast open walls to reveal secret areas (just like they do in the Zelda games), while the grappling hook will carry your party over chasms. Most puzzles, therefore, require you to select the character who has the right tool for the job. You don't need to discover all 12 tools to beat the game, but then you'd have to deal with the guilt of leaving certain parts of dungeons unexplored because you lacked the right tool. The 3-D, turn-based battles also force you to rely on the unique skills of the characters. Besides the standard sword attack, each character has innate skills that build throughout the game. One character is good with guns, missile launchers and other heavy gear; another wields magic (she can learn more than 60 spells in all); and the third is a wiz with blade attacks. Besides these special attacks, the characters can also cut loose with powers that become available when they take enough damage, giving you more combat options than you'll find in nearly all other RPGs. Yet despite all the combat possibilities. Wild Arms remains simple to play (it's even ideal for RPG newbies, since the early part of the adventure is laden with hints). Wild Arms' graphics are much better than screen shots let on. Each character, including the residents of towns, is superbly animated and detailed. And the polygonal enemies in the battle scenes look phenomenal-especially the Bosses. Heck. Wild Arms is so good it might even give FFVII a run for its money.


Once in a while I can't help but want to get into a solid RPG. Wild Arms was one of those titles. I really enjoyed playing this one. The story was interesting (how the main characters come together) and the graphics were great The switch between 2-D and 3-D was weird at times-almost like two different games-but nothing I couldn't get over. The best part about the game is that it has a lot of old-school RPG influences with the 3-D battle scenes from more recent RPGs. With all of the hustle and bustle surrounding Final Fantasy VII, it's nice to sit back and play an RPG now-that's really good by the way-and not worry about what's to come. It's an all-around solid buy for RPG fans.


Well, this winner sure makes up for Beyond the Beyond. It has all the traditional RPG elements that make for a classic: a simple interface, great music, cool-looking spells, a deep and involving story line and so on and so forth. I love the sheer number of offensive attacks that you'll eventually get The little things make the game too. For example, the shadows in combat change when a bright spell is cast about a room. Awesome! I would have liked to of had more than three characters and a story that wasn't so linear (but then again, every RPG out there is pretty linear). Fans of the genre, pick this up. It may be the last great RPG for the PlayStation before Square's giant comes out.


With the stream of games hitting an all-time low, it's refreshing to see a solid title like Wild Arms squeak through the EJ firewall. Despite the deceptively complex party system, veteran RPG gamers will have no trouble adapting to the numerous commands and objects at their disposal. Luckily, you only need to control three characters, but after you get used to the setup, you'll be wishing you could have more allies. I wasn't very impressed with the background music, but most RPGs have this fault The animation, however, was simply beautiful, and the charac-ter/object interactions were a nice touch. Without a doubt, you'll enjoy this RPG until Final Fantasy VII graces U.S. shores.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Fans of RPGs (specifically on the Sony PS) may want to keep an eye out for Wild Arms (imagine Lufia done on the PlayStation with enhancements).

Wild Arms takes place in Filgaia, a world once filled with lush, green forests. Unfortunately there was a war against demons 1,000 years ago that sapped power away from the guardians of the great land. The demons were beaten away, but the land turned into a harsh desert and the morale of the people declined. Now Filgaia doesn't possess the high technology it once did, and the demons are slowly making a comeback.

Although Wild Arms doesn't have anything directly in common with Lufia as far as its story goes, it does feature certain characteristics that make it similar to the 16-Bit RPG. For instance, Lufia's overhead map allowed gamers to travel from city to city (or dungeon to dungeon). Wild Arms allows gamers to do this on a map that's very much like the one from Lufia, except the Wild Arms one is graphically more impressive.

Of course, many will be wondering if Wild Arms is so much like Lufia, why was it done on the PlayStation. Yet Wild Arms features 3-D battle sequences and graphics and sound that are much better than anything the Super NES could do.

The character plots are pretty standard, involving three heroes brought together to save their world. Each character has his/her own destiny and technique. This may sound run of the mill, but Wild Arms definitely has some interesting features, including the ability to assemble magic using items; overlapping, overhead screens (similar to parallax scrolling); great-looking 3-D sequences and many others.

The 3-D battle sequences are similar to those in FFVII. But unlike FFVII, they're not in realtime. Although the sequences are turn-based, they're done in a random fashion in that sometimes enemies may get an extra hit if they're enraged or the main character may get the jump on the enemy and get a more powerful attack. It'll be the jobs of gamers to battle the demons once again and make sure they don't take away what's left of Filgaia.

  • MANUFACTURER - MediaVision

Wild Arms puts the player in control of one of three different characters and each possesses unique skills and powers. The adventure's background story mixes many aspects of fantasy with science fiction while combining Japanese anime-style artwork with prerendered polygonal characters and backgrounds. Some other interesting points about Wild Arms are the way players can customize the menus and icon appearances, develop their own home towns and create their own magic spells. With all this flexibility, combined with different action based on whichever character is selected, it's no wonder Wild Arms sold over 250,000 copies in Japan two weeks after release.

Sony's latest foray into RPGs is the beautifully conceived Wild Arms, a classic game that combines fantastic 3D polygonal graphics with a creative plot to totally immerse you in the gameplay.

Wild World

A thousand years after warring with the Metal Demons, the inhabitants of Filgaia are again in the midst of a struggle against their old foes. The Filgaians turn to three young adventurers for help. Though each one has different reasons for joining the cause, the heroes swear to a single purpose: Restore the land to greatness by recovering the Tear Drop artifact, which can release the Queen Demon from her millennium of sleep.

The three adventurers can upgrade weapons, master skills, and create spells. Each character possesses tools, which are beneficial for searching and for solving mazes. Success rewards the trio with treasure to increase their attributes and cure ailments. Throughout, the clear onscreen menus and controls are efficient and easy to use.

Sights to See

The colorful graphics during normal gameplay are a match for the best RPGs. Better still is the battle mode, where the polygonal characters are large and detailed, similar to those found in a good fighting game. With up to seven random camera angles and no corruption or dropout, the graphics in Wild Arms are even better than those found in recent hits like Revelations: Persona and Suikoden. The same goes for the anime-styled introduction, which has no contemporary that is worthy of comparison.

The sound is solid, highlighted by an intense music soundtrack (especially in battle mode). The game, however, has no voice-overs, which reduces the drama in the most important sequences during gameplay.

Even though Wild Arms doesn't have breakthrough gameplay, it does have graphics impressive enough to make it one of the season's best titles, no matter what the genre. This game will have you up-in-arms.


  • After talking to everyone in Princess Cecilia's prologue, go to the girt who's wandering around the corridor next to the Magic Guild. She'll tell you a secret about the statues.
  • After the demon Invasion of Aldehyde Castle, escape from the King's men and go to the kitchen. One of the chefs will lead you to a passageway out Into town.
  • When fighting on the Sweet Candy against the enigmatic Zed, combine Rudy's ARM Lock-On with his Hand Cannon to ensure damage, since your foe easily dodges attacks. Follow that by summoning Stoldark for the finishing touches.
  • Study the intro for Important clues that will later help you unravel the mystery behind the story.
  • When facing Magnatrous in Lolithia's Tomb, use Jack's Psycho Crack attack to damage and confuse him while Princess Cecilia and Rudy beat him into submission with their spells.
  • Check all barrels and boxes for special Hems.
  • In the Guardian Shrine, light the top-right post, then the middle-right, left-top, left-bottom, middle-left, right-bottom, and middle post to gain an audience with the Guardians.

Long ago the Metal Demons brought a devastating war to the quiet planet of Filgaia, laying the fertile world to waste and leaving the people helpless. In Wild Arms, you play as one of three adventurers who must stop the Metal Demons from waging another war. Wild Arms mixes fantasy and sci-fi elements into a story line that changes depending on which character you play as. The ability to customize menus, develop your own hometown, and create your own magic spells gives you several control options. The graphics open with an imaginative anime-style intro and then switch to polygonal characters and an overhead view for gameplay. Well-received in Japan, Wild Arms looks like it could be just as acclaimed in the U.S

Wow! I thought it would be a while before anyone could release an RPG that resembled Final Fantasy, but here comes Wild Arms from Sony itself! Of course, only the battles bear any resemblance to the majesty of Final Fantasy, and the land-based traveling looks like the norm for 16-bit systems, but this is definitely the sharpest-looking effort from the folks responsible for Arc the Lad, Beyond the Beyond and the upcoming Popolocrois. With Sony's new RPG attitude, I'm sure this title will rear its head stateside.

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