Winning Eleven 8 International

a game by Konami
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.1/10 - 7 votes
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Winning Eleven 8 International
Winning Eleven 8 International
Winning Eleven 8 International

Lacking the true dedication to sports necessary to play that grand old sport of football (soccer, not American football), myself, I'm content playing a video game of this classic, and it doesn't help that this is one of the finest technical strength games I've ever played. Controlling your own team may be easier in other games, but not nearly as satisfying.

Personally, I find it rare to run across a title that's so technically proficient that it actually succeeds in being a real teaching tool. EA made an F1 2001 title that I loved for just that feature, and I've found it again here in Winning Eleven 8 International. This game's reputation has always been one for pushing the performance of soccer titles, and 8 in a series doesn't mean they've let up on the quality. Although this game has a mean learning curve, if you're at all a soccer fan who also enjoys video games, this is one of the most solid investments I could recommend.

Training mode takes you through an incredible amount of moves based on both difficulty and skill. Situational training exposes you to some of the more rigorous aspects of the game, such as proper on the move evasion and performing trick moves and the like. When you finally get ready to control your team, you'll be able to use an incredibly easy to play Master League, that has official licenses for multiple country leagues. While I'm not a ready hand at soccer, enough time on this game should be able to prepare even the least seasoned game player.

Finally, graphically this game is brilliant. While I can't say that the graphics were jaw dropping for their quality, the motion capture is by far some of the best I've ever seen, not just for the cutscene intro but also in the game play as well. A traditional commentary track is all you'll get for good audio, I'm afraid, but at least it's of good quality, and the dynamic calling works well.

Hands down, definitely a good game, definitely worth getting.

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