WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006

Download WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 and step into the ring as your favorite wrestling superstars! Experience electrifying matches, master grappling moves, and claim the championship belt. Are you ready to rumble? Play now!
Platform: Playstation 2
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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006
WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006
WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006

Whether it’s real or not, wrestling is back with full force, thanks to WWE Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2006: the first yearly entry in Yuke’s franchise. Grapple, punch, and somersault your foes with style in this recreation of the wrestling excitement that only the WWE can deliver.

Wrestling games have been some of the most criminally underappreciated fighting games of all time, and WWE 2006 aims to change this for good. Featuring an impressive amount of customizable content, this game will let fans of the sport a chance to make their wildest wrestling dreams come to life.

Stamina and Momentum

In most fighting games, characters have to lower their opponent’s health to win a round. However, as you might already know, wrestling focuses on fighters pinning their adversaries into submission, and lowering their stamina usually makes things easier. WWE 2006 uses a similar system as the main mechanic of its encounters, but it also includes another wrestling staple, and that is the difference between “faces” and “heels.”

Stamina isn’t the only stat players will have to keep in mind during fights: there’s also the “momentum” meter. Momentum is affected by how players choose to fight – players who fight clean are faces, while those who employ more underhanded methods are called heels. Complicated moves spend more stamina, making your wrestler tire easily. This means that to win, players will have to balance their attack and defense. This adds an extra layer of complexity over games like Street Fighter, where reckless attacking is a valid option.

Multiple Modes

There are a variety of match types to enjoy in WWE 2006, many of which resemble their real-life counterparts. Along with the standard event matches, there are also steel cage matches, battle royales, and even Buried Alive type matches. Fans of the WWE will be thrilled with the sheer variety of matches available in this title. Considering the amount of customization available, there are easily over 100 different types of matches available in WWE 2006. Alongside the match types, players will also have access to multiple game modes to spice things up.

The star of the show is clearly the game’s Season mode, where players can simulate a WWE season with impressive detail. After creating their superstar, players will get to see their character’s rise to success in the WWE – complete with voice acting and mo-capped cutscenes.

Infinite Customization

The robust customization in WWE 2006 will allow players to create not just characters of their own, but custom belts, move sets, and even character intros. The character customization, in particular, is incredibly detailed, letting players create insanely detailed custom characters.

The fact that you also get to see these characters voiced and going head to head with some of the WWE’s most famous superstars is a great bonus for any wrestling fan. As for the very few negatives the game has, one could argue that there are very few surprises in the Season mode plot. A game like this is meant to be replayed frequently, and introducing diverging storylines in the game’s story would have been a great addition to an already impressive game.


WWE Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2006 is a step in the right direction for wrestling games. The impressive customization options and solid gameplay make it one of the best games of its kind in years.


  • Solid gameplay
  • A ton of different modes and match types
  • Impressive customization options


  • Kind of shallow Season mode

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Playstation 2

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