Zero Divide

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a game by Zoom Inc.
Genre: Fighting Games
Platforms: PC, Playstation
Editor Rating: 6.8/10, based on 3 reviews, 6 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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Want a game that looks like Rise of the Robots, and plays like a cheap Virtua Fighter 2? Zero Divide is the one.

Divide and Conquer

Zero Divide starts off like any fighter: Best two-out-of-three rounds wins the tournament for this mean, motley melange of mechanized mayhem makers. You have to contend with ring-outs, but in a playful twist, your fighter can save himself by dangling from the edqe of the raised ring.

Less than Zero

The graphics are a real winner. Futuristic warehouse backgrounds and smooth polygon fighters fire up the action and keep it moving along. The special moves should have been flashier, though.

The sounds can get annoying. An announcer constantly tells you that your unit is gone, which isn't what you want to hear 20 times during the heat of battle.

Controlling your fighter is a real bear. Special moves take practice, and the computer A.I. is too tough. What's more, some players are devas-tatingly powerful. The robot WIL03, for example, has a cannon and butterfly knives!

Zero Divide is a flattering first-round imitator of Toshin-den with the fluid grace of VF 2. Although it lacks the solid fighting foundation that would make it great, Zero Divide has moments of greatness. You certainly won't be bored.


  • For VF 2-style pounce moves, press Up and Button X when an opponent is down. If you quickly tap Up and X, you get a faster but less damaging pounce.
  • Combos are registered in the top right or left of the screen. Tty charging Away, then tap Toward and a punch or kick button.
  • If an opponent comes closer to find you when you're hanging from the ledge, swing up with a kick to knock them out.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Time Warner is bringing one of Japan's most popular PlayStation fighting games to the States. Called Zero Divide, this disc is one of the few fighters that combines precise player-character interaction with a fair amount of story that actually gives a purpose to your mission.

In this game you are in a race against time to defeat the eight other characters and the two Bosses. Do this and you prevent the world's economic and military balance from falling into total ruin at the hands of these cyberpirates.

Normally, the best fighting buttons to get off all of the intricate moves. In ZD you only have three buttons for all of your moves and actions (Guard, Punch and Kick). However, with proper design little control is lost in this game. Special moves are of course included, as are projectile attacks. These combine to give this polygon fighter its own unique feel.

Besides good moves, the backgrounds and visual effects are features that set this title apart from the rest of the pack. The arenas feature 360-degree rotation that shows the full capability of the characters' aerial attacks and the fast-moving combos. For example, throwing a character results in a fast, rotating view change that randomizes the camera angles and their results. In addition, the DJ Option adds an ongoing commentary that gets to be a bit repetitive after a while, but it does offer some audio variety to your battles.

The characters are devised from some of the most intriguing ideas yet to be seen on the fighting game scene. More than mere human forms with different polygon builds, the characters in ZD look like futuristic animals. Some take the forms of robots, dragons and scorpion-type creatures designed with a new-age, techno look.

But how does it play? We have tested this game quite thoroughly and even our best SF or MK3 players walked away quite satisfied. Zero Divide offers up good control, plenty of hidden features and tons of challenging gameplay.

Let's See Some Moves!

Having only three buttons does not subtract a lot from the game's overall play as most of the characters require the normal fighting game-type combinations of multiple button and pad movements. Although you will soon find out that launching fast combo moves is a difficult maneuver, with a bit of patience and practice you'll soon learn the procedure. Master these first before attempting to do the more advanced multihit combos or special moves. Keep at it, as the later characters are formidable foes.

  • MANUFACTURER - Time Warner Int.
  • DIFFICULTY - Variable
  • THEME - Fighting
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

People say:


Zero Divide is a fighting game that will probably turn off a lot of players at first glance. Its game-play is too tight and specials are hard to do. However, ZD grows on you. I particularly like the fact that you can swing up off the edge of the arenas. Depending on your character, combos range from easy to near impossible which make practice that much more important. Lots of fighters and decent graphics are plusses. It would have scored higher if the gameplay was looser.


With MK3 and Tekken already out for the PS, ZD is up against tough competition. Well. Zero Divide does have some unique features to it, such as a well-rounded selection of characters and moves that are very different from other games. It also has the creative Japanese look that sets it apart from anything else. I found it unusual that it uses only two attack buttons which indicates simplicity but that limitation is compensated by a harder game difficulty. Plenty of surprises in this one.


When first playing ZD, it really did not appeal to me. But after playing for a short time, I really got into it and started to like it. It's a learning thing. The combos are not difficult to pull off and actually require some amount of skill to chain. The drawbacks of the game are that you do not have the option to turn the time off and the announcer gets annoying real quick. (Thank goodness you have the option to turn him off!) For something different and unusual, check this one out.


ZD isn't a great game but it is new. Overall it plays like a Tekken or VF with some differences. My biggest complaint is the lack of real originality in each character's fighting style. Maybe it's the Japanese polygon look but also many of the characters play the same way. However, there are some good features like the way your character hangs on instead of an instant ring out. Also, it plays well and may provide a good alternative to the big names. It's fun but nothing great.

Early looks at this two-player fighting game reveal a promising prospect for the PlayStation. Details of the plot are sketchy, but the premise involves head-to-head robot combat, and with three buttons for a punch, kick, and block, Zero Divide plays much like Virtua Fighter. In Divide, however, you can recover from the ring-outs by clutching at the edge of the platform and hauling yourself back in.

Only three of the eight android bruisers were plugged in, but they're armed with special moves, throws, and projectiles. Sharp 3D graphics and rotating camera angles hint at a bright future for this game.

One of the most popular 3-D fighting games in japan, Zero Divide, is now available here in the States. This is one of the most difficult fighters to date. There are eight characters and two bosses, all of whom are tenacious fighters--even ion easy! The story sounds a lot like the cartoon Reboot. A hacker has released a virus called XTAL into an important information database. The countries of the world must insert their own viruses to combat XTAL.

What sets ZD apart from other fighters is its fighting style, first off, you can create some wild combos with a myriad of different moves, including jumps and throws--not bad. Also, massive amounts of damage to certain areas of your opponent will destroy "units" of his body, hindering his fighting ability. On top of that, you can now use the edge of the ring in your battle tactics. Drop off the edge and hang there, and then spring back up, fists flying. This is an easy way to throw your opponent off guard.

ZD also contains a ton of secret stuff that we haven't even figured out yet. Add this to an already amazing fighting game and you've got the most bang for your buck out there.

Get ready for yet another smooth 3-D game for the Playstation. Zero Divide isn't lacking in originality as it sets itself apart from other fighting games with cool robotic characters. The action is similar to Virtua Fighter, but doesn't move as fast as that game.You have a choice of eight units, with the option of different colors once you have beaten the game.The guy you're out to defeat is Xtal who will comment on the matches and who you will eventually face at the end.The combo system mainly relies on chain hits that juggle the opponent in the air.You have a vast array of fighting maneuvers and depending on which character you play as, you can shoot weapons or use light sabers to demolish your opponent.

There are ring knock-outs, but if you don't hit your opponent hard enough, they can hang on the ledges and pull themselves back up! Another cool feature is the ability to break off pieces of your opponents armor which become disabled so there is a whole separate level of strategy involved.

The stages in Zero Divide are among the best ever in a fighting game, with unbelievable transparencies and true 3-D backgrounds.The sound effects are nice, with realistic armor mashing, and the music is pretty catchy.

All in all, another great title to watch out for and unlike some other 3-D fighting games out for the Playstation, (Hint: it starts with a "C" and ends with "com") It not only looks good, but plays well too. If it keeps this kind of standard up then Time Warner is going to be a force to be reckoned with. Don't forget that the company is also releasing Primal Rage for the PlayStation and Saturn, effectively making them the biggest publisher (if not developer) of red hot fighting games. Zero Divide has a lot of cool features.

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