Zero Hour

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a game by M7 Productions, and Attrito
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Zero Hour
Zero Hour
Zero Hour
Zero Hour

If you’re looking to engage yourself in a tactical shooter experience against other players in a multiplayer environment, Zero Hour is the right place. This video game is one that possesses some unique traits that make it stand out away from the sea of already existing titles that follow the same premise.


In Zero Hour, you play in a game that was entirely developed within Bangladesh, so you’ll get to experience a taste of Bangladesh during your gaming experience with the title. The game takes place in various locations from Bangladesh, giving the FPS gaming space a much needed refresh and taste of originality. It does take inspiration from other team-based shooters.

It emphasizes on realism in both scale and resources to enable cooperative and competitive team tasks. Zero Hour introduces numerous unique elements that delay play, stimulate contemplation, and reward non-lethal ways.

Multiplayer Mode

With Zero hour, there are defenders tasked with protecting a bomb from being defused, and keeping a hostage from being rescued. Meanwhile, the attackers are in charge of defusing the bomb or rescuing a hostage that is held captive. It’s similar to Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Valorant in this regard, but it still manages to be quite exciting and refreshing.

Co-Operative Mode

You take on situationally goals before requesting for extraction in cooperative mode. Each team has unique powers and equipment. Attackers have shields, weapons, and the planning table at their disposal. Terrorists use traps and devices to fortify their facilities.

In cooperative mode, you can complete objectives using both stealth and lethal force. This means you can apprehend your adversaries in the appropriate situations. You'll also need to gather proof, such as enemy dropped weaponry. You must also rescue hostages, arrest or neutralize specific suspects who can patrol, assault, or hide beneath beds, tables, and within closets while playing cooperatively. If they are outnumbered, the enemy may choose to use captives as shields or even surrender.

Map Design

The level designers worked extremely hard and with much enthusiasm. You can quickly navigate the maps and feel at ease. From small things, such as mosquito netting on the beds, to larger details, such as bamboos poking out from the ground in building sites, it's all there. The maps are also visually appealing. The gaming loop is fantastic.

Few Issues

This game's movement pace is exceedingly slow. There's also a stamina meter, which empties quickly. When your stamina runs low, your weapon begins to waver, making it difficult to aim. You are forced to move slowly as a result of this. When I'm outside, the slow movement irritates me greatly. However, it feels perfectly fine when you’re indoors, which is roughly 95 percent of the time. This game is nearly impossible to win without teamwork. I recommend that you play the game with a friend of yours.


The usage of the attacking team's strategy table, replete with a 3D miniature reproduction of the place being played, adds to the realism.


This can be used to direct teammates, highlight hazards, objectives, and sites for traps and gadgets. When you first start playing, you must manage limited resources over the course of three rounds.


  • Innovative ideas
  • Good gunplay


  • Slow movement
  • Bad AI

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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