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Vanguard Bandits

At first glance Vanguard Bandits isn't all that impressive.

Android Assault

Beware of the Xias threat. They want to enslave all humanity. The United Nations tried to stop them and failed.

F1 Pole Position

It is a Formula 1 racing game considered to be the first game in the Human Grand Prix series for the Super Famicom.

Fire Pro Wrestling Gaiden

Fire Pro Wrestling is a long running professional wrestling video game series.
Sega Genesis

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within

The original Clock Tower was pretty creepy.

The Firemen

The Firemen is a game where the player controls Pete, the fire fighter, as he rescues people from a burning building.

Fastest 1

Fastest 1 is a Formula One Racing game, developed and published by Human Entertainment, which was released in Japan in 1991.
Sega Genesis

Super Soccer

The game consists of exhibition games and tournament games. At the end of the tournament, the player must play one final team, Nintendo.

Air Boarder 64

Set far into the next century, airboarding has overtaken snowboarding and skateboarding as the new extreme sport of choice. Players compete for the coveted "Master of Airboardin'" by slipping into the role of one of eight characters with their own ..
Nintendo 64

F1 Pole Position 64

Jump into the cockpit of an F1 racer and face the best teams in the world for a breathtaking race! Incredibly exciting: Official game of the FIA, the latest game from HUMAN will make your N64 roar through the 16 world championship circuits. From Mo..
Nintendo 64

Air Boardin 64

Air Boardin' USA pits you in a race against the clock in a series of nonlinear arenas.
Nintendo 64


Vasteel is an all new strategy game unlike anything you've seen before.

Bari Arm

For those of you gamers looking for hot shooting action on your Mega-CD