1080(degree) Avalanche

a game by Nintendo
Genre: Sports
Platform: GameCube
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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Although beautifully rendered 1080 Avalanche is a clunky game that is far too difficult to master or to really have fun with. This is probably the first snowboarding game I have ever played where you really seem to feel the speed: your gamepad rumbles as the kilometers crank-up, the scenery blurs, it's fantastically frightening. The sound too is impressive, with a robust selection of board ready music and background effects that put you in the mood for some top of the line snowboarding.

Then you try to perform some worthy tricks and the whole thing seems to do a nasty endo. The trick system is just too clunky to fit with the silky smooth graphically performance of the game. Noticeable delays in trick maneuvering cause plenty of needless crashes and make linking tricks, something integral to the game, very frustrating.

Even without this issue, Avalanche just doesn't have a lot to offer as a stand-alone snowboarding game. You can choose between four types of play: trick attack, match race, gate challenge and time trial.
The game also doesn't offer much in the way of variety for the courses or the racers.

Don't get me wrong, Avalanche has other redeeming qualities besides excellent graphics and sound, for instance the different courses feature a myriad of different snow textures. In other words, while running a course, you may run into everything from ice patches to packed snow to the powdery slow stuff. Your boarder will also accumulate a fair share of powder on their clothes as they head down slope, making for a much more realistic look to the game.

Unfortunately, even great visuals and sound can't save a game from the dual curse of poor game control and little replay value. Save this game for a rental.

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