a game by Electronic Arts, Foley Hi-Tech, Chris Gray Enterprises Inc., and Gray Matter
Genres: Action, Arcade Classics, Platformer
Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesis, SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 6 reviews
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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For B.O.B., life as a teenage android isn't all oil and batteries. B.O.B. went for a ride in his father's car, but wandering android eyes caused him to crash into an asteroid and sent him careening down to the surface of an unfriendly planet called Goth. B.O.B.'s got more important things to worry about than being stranded on a strange planet -- like scoring another set of wheels and getting to his very important blind date on time.

In The Adventures of B.O.B. by Electronic Arts, you guide B.O.B. through 47 levels of action/adventure fun in a quest to replace Dad's hot rod and pick up your honey. The game's full of funny graphics and dialogue that keep you from crying corrosive tears when the creepy aliens give you the high-voltage treatment.

The ABC's of B.O.B.

The Adventures of B.O.B. is a single player, side-scrolling action game with a lot of cool weapons and power-ups. To escape from each level, you must evade or defeat a weird menagerie of space creatures and find the transporter to the next level before time runs out. The clock gives you enough time to explore all the nooks and crannies of each level, so run through the hallways of darkness and fear no evil. You'll usually find more than one route to the transporter.

What Makes B.O.B. Tick?

Like most teenage robots, B.O.B. has some good things going for him. There are several ways that B.O.B. can cope with a dangerous situation, and none of them involve running away. B.O.B's got a Gun Arm to help him fight Bug Pods, Snout Monsters, Scorpions, Potato Heads, Firebirds, Blue Meanies, and a host of other crazy creatures. B.O.B.'s other defense is his Remote Arm where he stores cool gadgets that he picks up during the game. These include an Umbrella (saves B.O.B. from falling too fast), a Trampoline (hurls B.O.B. upwards), a Helicoptor Hat (for flying), and a Blinding Flash (temporarily disorients enemies). B.O.B. also uses his Remote arm to hang from pipes and beams.

  • In Anciena, don't stand on the crosses that are on the ground or you'll get a big surprise.

B.O.B.'s moves don't stop there. He can also crouch and crawl to avoid airborne obstacles and take out enemies at ankle-level. This 'bot's got one more trick up his sleeve, a walloping punch that helps you save your gun's precious ammunition.


  • Whenever you see one of these energizers, stand in front of it and push Up to charge your energy.
  • In Level Five, head down and to the right to collect a 1-up.
  • To avoid crashing on the flying levels, turn early and use the blue arrows as your guide.

Shiny and New

B.O.B.'s graphics are a marvelous mix of slapstick sequences and superbly colored, animated enemies. With skinny arms and legs, B.O.B.'s sprite captures all the agility and lankiness of a teenager. He also has a number of animated death scenes that range from disintegration to melting metal and include wacky dialogue that will surely strike your funny bone. When it comes to the opposition, you won't know whether to laugh or shoot at them in this game. A prime example is when a crazed, wobbling, angry Mr. Potato Head gives B.O.B. a swift knock in the chops.

Teenage Robot Dance Party

B.O.B.'s got a cool soundtrack with a seriously thumpin' bass line that'll make you shake, rattle, and roll. As for sound effects, B.O.B.'s noises take on a decidedly campy flavor with cartoony "Boings" and "Splats". After a few levels of this, the joke wears thin, so be sure to read your own tune-age. Air B.O.B.

There are three levels of B.O.B. that involve flying an indoor space scooter. The action on these levels is from the same side-scrolling perspective. However, instead of controlling B.O.B., you're at the pilot's seat of a souped-up scooter that turns on a dime. The challenge is high on these levels because you're racing against a tough time clock. Luckily, B.O.B. issues you passwords at about every third level, so practice your driving skills until you get it right.

Bobbing for Games?

The Adventure of B.O.B.'s many levels, cool and funny graphics, and neat gadgets make it stand head and robotic shoulders above other side-scrolling action games for the SNES. If you've got a heart, help B.O.B. steal wheels and make it to his date on time.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Game modes: Single game mode

Player controls:

  • Up, Down, Left, Right - Arrow keys
  • Start - Enter (Pause, Menu select, Skip intro, Inventory)
  • "A" Gamepad button - Ctrl (usually Jump or Change weapon)
  • "B" button - Space (Jump, Fire, Menu select)
  • "C" button - Left Shift (Item select)

Use the F12 key to toggle mouse capture / release when using the mouse as a controller.


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
  • Machine: Genesis
  • Theme: Action
  • No. of Levels: 8

B.O.B., that funky keen alien teen, is coming to the Super NES compliments of Electronic Arts. On his way to pick up a blind date, he crashes his old man's space vehicle on an unknown planet full of weird creatures. Now he must get to his date at all costs and without transportation. It will take reflexes and brains to complete this quest on a hostile alien planet full of strange devices and creatures. Is she really worth it?

People say:


B.O.B. is a cute character and his many antics and death scenes are amusing, but he suffers from Bubsy's disease: too much cuteness and not enough game play. B.O.B. has quite a few levels in it, but after the first two or three it becomes repetitive and boring. There are plenty of weapons and gadgets, but it isn't enough.


B.O.B. is a good side-scrolling action game for those who don't want too much action. It's a relatively fun game but the lack of many enemies makes the game seem slow and tedious. Also, the music does leave something to be desired. The good points are the smooth play control and the number of items to use.


Bring your Own Bot! While there's not much different from the SNES version, it doesn't mean, that this cart has less to offer. The graphics are good and the character animation is very smooth. The game play is the same with lots of cool weapons and monstrous levels that really deliver hours of fun. A bit repetitive.


B.O.B. is back! This is almost ah exact copy of the Super NES version, but I didn't care for it that much on that format either. The problem is the awkward control and the lack of enemies that you encounter in each area. The character is cute, but playability suffers and action needs to be stepped up. Cool tools!

B.O.B. is your average teenage android getting ready for a date. Unfortunately, he's cracked apart his father's car and has to get it replaced before his date ditches him and his dad de his rear end.

ProTip: Try to limit the distance B.O.B. falls. If he drops too far, he'll be disabled for a short time when he lands.

Goth, What a Meth!

Electronic Arts has created a wild romp around the Planet Goth, followed by Anciena and finally the Ultraworld. Throughout the jour-ney, you face vicious scorpions, creepy bugs and killer robots among other hazards. During most of the game you're on foot, but certain levels test your driving and flying skills, where you must pilot through twisting corridors, floating mines and hazardous energy beams.

Choose your weapons carefully. For example, your flamethrower is best for short-range attacks.

Of course, you also get to a serious variety of tools to keep B.O.B. safe along the way. Though you start with only a Single-Shot Gun, you can gather Triple-Shot Guns, Flamethrowers, Guided Rockets, powerful Bolts and Shock Waves.

  • Use your Remotes at crucial moments and to get to bonuses high above you. In later levels you may need a remote to get your car out of a deep dead end.
  • If you time it right, you can trigger a Remote before you hit the bottom of a long fall.

B.O.B.'ing Along

B.O.B. is filled with tons of levels -- more than 45 of them in three worlds. The sheer quantity of action will keep even the most capable player on the edge of his seat. However, the imprecise control adds to the game's difficulty. B.O.B. does a fair amount of sliding around. Precision moves, like trying to jump onto a small platform, can be a real challenge.

Visually, though, B.O.B. is sharp. The game transports you through colorful fortresses, caves and more. The enemies are well animated, with movements that look both creepy and amusing.

  • Don't waste time trying to get every bonus and enemy. You have to get to the Exit before time runs out.
  • Some falls will end with an out-of-sight pipe, where B.O.B. can hang out of danger. If that's the case, press and hold Up on the control pad during a fall and B.O.B. will try to catch the pipe.
  • Look carefully in walls foe valuable Recharges.

B.O.B. is a vividly visual challenging game. Luckily, the password feature helps you make progress to keep you from getting too frus-trated. Now, if you can only get your dad's wheels fixed before his insurance agent finds out...

Who's B.O.B.? He's a major teenage hunk -- hunk of metal, that is! B.O.B.'s an android who's cruising the cosmos in his dad's car... err, spaceship on his way to a blind date. When he accidentally slams into an asteroid, it's bad news for B.O.B., but it could be good news for you! In The Adventures of B.O.B. by Electronic Arts, you'll have to help B.O.B. find a new set of wheels...uhh, rockets to keep his date.

Car Search

The Adventures of B.O.B. will be a car- toony slice of action gaming. The funny graphics are a kick, especially the '50's style outer space hot rods. Moreover, B.O.B's a 'bot with personality. EA's trying to inject a massive dose of attitude into the shiny metal dude.

B.O.B.'s multi-scrolling, side-view adventure will cover three 15-level planets. Goth's a weird world that's part organic garden, part steel smelting plant. Anciena features an industrial motif inside an ancient stone pyramid. On Ultraland, you'll jungle-gym it through lush tropical greenery.

This game will be no joyride! Each world is overrun with a voracious assortment of metal-munching beasties and robot-crunching traps. B.O.B.'s foes run from the ridiculous to the sublime, including giant mosquitoes, fire bats, bad 'bots, Bubblemen, and a mutant Mr. Potatoehead.

To make it or break it, B.O.B. must find weapons and other high-tech doodads. His arsenal will include a Flamethrower, a Triple-shot Shooter, and an Energy Wave gun, but he'll have to find ammo as well. Hilarious but helpful hardware includes a Helicopter Hat and even a Trampoline.

Robot Love

Will B.O.B. be late for his date? Will he save himself from dad's wrath? It's tough to be a teenager in love, but it might be even tougher to be B.O.B.

Stay on your toes with B.O.B. - a Sci-Fi adventure that is full of non-stop action. Your mission is to make it safely off a dangerous asteroid where B.O.B. wrecked his father’s spaceship, now he is trying to make it past the evil aliens. Through the various levels there are many enemy encounters including powerful aliens that he must face alone. He also gets experience in space racing and has the ability to pick up various weapons, extra life, ammunition and other tools that help in the journey. If B.O.B. runs out of rounds for his weapons, he is not defenseless, in that he has a very sluggish hit that he can deliver to the enemy. You might want to watch your time carefully in this forty-five level game. With the time limits for each level, if you do not complete it in the allotted time you will lose your life. The final objective is to reach your date. As a 1993 release, developed by Gray Matter Interactive, this single player video game is compatible with SNES and Sega Mega Drive.

Our android friend B.O.B. is on the Super NES and he's ready for his date. But it seems that the big-eyed android from Electronic Arts is having some trouble. B.O.B. has totaled his car after running into an asteroid. Now he's stranded on a strange planet and his date is waiting! B.O.B. will have plenty of obstacles to overcome, like fire-breathing bosses and twisting corridors. Will B.O.B. stand up his date?

People say:


This game has very good graphics and some excellent animations. I liked the challenge the later levels present but getting there was not as enjoyable as I expected it to be. The game has good play mechanics and got to be addictive after a while. Overall though, the game was only average at best.


This is another one of those games which not only plays well but is also fun to play. B.O.B. is a cute character that grows on you the more you play the game. Although the action is limited, I did find that there were more than enough ways to build up my weapons. A good game for those who like slow-moving action.


I liked this cart because of its original theme and the variety of power-ups. You must conserve your weapons and gadgets until you need them most. The game has a ton of levels and offers a challenge to those adventurous enough. The bosses are not very impressive and are few and far between. Great animation!


B.O.B. has excellent animation, but the game play is a mite disappointing. Enemies are far and few between, and other than climbing a few things, you really can't do very much except jump and shoot. The music needs a major overhaul, and the levels are far too short for a game of this size. Sorry, no dice here.

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