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Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Step into the gritty world of Japanese gangster high schools with Banchou Tactics is a strategic turn-based role-playing game. This game immerses players in a bloody struggle for dominance between three rival schools. With its unique blend of pixel art aesthetics, engaging turn-based gameplay, and innovative combat mechanics, Banchou Tactics offers a thrilling experience that will captivate strategy game enthusiasts.

Unleashing the Tale of Power Struggles

Set in a town somewhere in Japan, Banchou Tactics unravels a story of relentless conflicts between three high schools: Sakae High School, Nakamura Technical High School, and Minato High School. The power balance among these schools is shattered when the former demon king of Minato High School, Kitagawa Seiichi, graduates, reigniting the fierce battles for dominance.

Stepping into the shoes of Taiga Arashi, the game's protagonist, players are thrust into the heart of Minato High School's power struggles. The captivating storyline keeps players engaged as they navigate the treacherous world of gangster high schools, making allies, challenging rivals, and fighting their way to the top.

Strategic Depth and Innovative Combat Mechanics

Banchou Tactics offers a visually striking experience with high-quality 2D pixel art against a 3D stage backdrop. The attention to detail in the game's visuals adds depth and immersion to the gameplay, bringing the gangster high school setting to life.

At its core, Banchou Tactics is a turn-based strategy game, requiring players to carefully plan their moves and utilize their resources strategically. The game's special attack system adds an extra layer of tactical depth, allowing players to unleash devastating moves to turn the tide of battles. The knockback system introduces a unique element where positioning and environmental factors play a crucial role in combat. Additionally, the combo system rewards players for executing well-coordinated attacks, encouraging strategic thinking and planning.

Fans of the turn-based strategy genre may find Banchou Tactics reminiscent of the classic Final Fantasy Tactics. Both games share a common foundation of tactical combat and strategic decision-making. However, Banchou Tactics sets itself apart with its unique setting and thematic elements, immersing players in the cutthroat world of gangster high schools.

The game's pixel art aesthetics and 3D stage backdrop offer a visually distinctive experience, complementing its intense and engaging storyline. While Final Fantasy Tactics boasts a vast and intricate world, Banchou Tactics delivers a more focused and tightly woven narrative that revolves around power struggles within a specific setting.

Review: 8.5/10

Banchou Tactics successfully combines strategic turn-based gameplay with the gritty allure of Japanese gangster high schools. With its visually striking pixel art, immersive storytelling, and innovative combat mechanics, the game offers a thrilling experience for strategy game enthusiasts. The engaging storyline, coupled with the knockback and combo systems, keeps players on their toes, demanding thoughtful planning and execution.


Although the game could benefit from more extensive character customization options, the unique setting and thematic elements make Banchou Tactics a standout title in the genre. Step into the shoes of Taiga Arashi and conquer the treacherous world of gangster high schools in this captivating strategy game.


  • Engaging storyline with a focus on power struggles and gangster high school dynamics
  • Visually stunning pixel art against a 3D stage backdrop creates a unique and immersive experience
  • Strategic turn-based gameplay with a special attack system adds depth and tactical decision-making
  • The knockback system introduces environmental factors that affect combat strategy
  • The combo system rewards well-coordinated attacks, enhancing the satisfaction of battle


  • Limited character customization options may restrict player creativity
  • The learning curve for newcomers to the turn-based strategy genre might be steep initially



System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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