Bee Simulator

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a game by VARSAV Game Studios
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Bee Simulator
Bee Simulator
Bee Simulator

It seems like there is a simulation game for everything you can imagine, Farming, GOATS, Management, Trucks, and now fans of the genre also have Bee Simulator. Released in 2019, from publisher Nacon, and BIGBEN INTERACTIVE (WRD, Tennis World Tour), and developed by VARSAV Game Studios (AR Kicker, Giant Uprising), Bee Simulator is an immersive game that inserts players into the life of a bee. The game can be played on Xbox, Playstation, Computer, and Nintendo Switch.

Ambeetious Ideas

Crafting an entire game, even if a brief one clocking in at roughly three hours, about being a bee is a challenging task. Thankfully, developers and publishers added different game modes, and experiences within the simulation to keep players engaged.

The pretense of the title is that you are a little bee exploring a vast park (inspired by New York’s Centra Park) and that you get to realize actual everyday bee chores.

The majority of the game revolves around exploration, collecting and delivering pollen, defying bigger bugs than yourself, and ultimately protecting your hive. Modes like Co-Op, PvP, and Split Screen keep the game fresh, but truly Split Screen is where the game is at its best, especially because this feels like a title geared toward children and young gamers, so sharing the experience with a parent is safer and more gratifying than random strangers on the internet.

Outside of the Hive

The game was received with mixed reviews by fans and critics alike, and the reasons are pretty clear, for starters the game is very simple and repetitive in nature. Secondly, the game is very short and honestly, exploration and “missions” aren’t all that challenging, or exciting. Finally, reviews may be harsh since the game is geared towards children, and be empathetic about the intentions and perceptions of the game can be hard for adults to relate

Nonetheless, the game is beautifully designed, with multiple locations, ambiance, and color palettes. The flying experience is wonderful and extremely fun, and albeit the overall life of a bee might be uninteresting, to say the least, Bee Simulator surprises fans by ultimately telling a touching and compelling story. A story that is heart-warming and is capable to connect with adults and infants alike.

Activities such as fighting mean wasps, racing other bees, and mirroring the movements of fellow bees are some of the things that can be done in the game. Throughout the activities, there is zero violence which makes it perfect for children to explore. One of the best parts of the game has to be the soundtrack developed by Mikołaj Stroiński, responsible for creating the music from The Witcher 3 and The vanishing of ethan carter.


Bee Simulator is not an instant classic or a game-changing title by any means, but it is a fun game that relies on its beauty, realistic flight simulation, and story to make itself a game worth playing. On top of that, the educational aspect of the title cannot be understated as the importance of these tiny beings is explained compellingly.


Honestly, there aren’t a lot of titles that compare to Bee Simulator, but you can try Swarm Simulator: Evolution, Honey Bee Simulator, and Goat Simulator. They might be worthy comparatives and fun titles to explore after this one.


  • Realistic Flight Experience
  • Beautiful Design
  • Colorful World
  • Child Friendly
  • Compelling Story


  • Very Short Game
  • Repetitive Missions
  • Unchallenging Activities

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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