Blacksite: Area 51

Platform: Playstation 3
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Blacksite: Area 51
Blacksite: Area 51
Blacksite: Area 51
Blacksite: Area 51

"Just look up the term 'black site' on Wikipedia," responds Harvey Smith, executive creative director of this aliens-versus-soldiers first-person shooter, when we ask about the game's grim setting and story. After our online check brings up photos of Abu Ghraib and other plausibly deniable U.S. government installations, we know this politically charged game casts a dark mood--one felt by the squad you order around with one-button context-sensitive commands. "We want the intensity of a combat situation, as driven by the player's actions, to influence the mood of the squad members," Smith says. "When morale is high...the squad is more aggressive, fires more often and more accurately, etc. When things are going to hell rapidly, the squad tends to enact the military rule of 'CYA.'" (Don't get it? Hit up Wikipedia for "Cover Your Ass.")

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Playstation 3

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