Contra III: The Alien Wars

Download Contra 3: The Alien Wars and battle alien invaders in this classic run-and-gun game! With its challenging gameplay, intense action, and memorable soundtrack, Contra 3 remains a fan favorite. Can you save Earth from destruction? Play now!
a game by Konami
Genre: Action
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 8.4/10, based on 7 reviews
User Rating: 6.6/10 - 56 votes
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Contra III: The Alien Wars
Contra III: The Alien Wars
Contra III: The Alien Wars

Neo City is under attack! And if you're a fan of Konami's Contra series, it'll come as no surprise to you that the Red Falcon is the slime ball behind the SNES mayhem.

As a descendent of commando legends, Scorpion and Mad Dog, it's your task to take out the Red Falcon, (I don't mean to dinner and a movie!). If Jimbo and Sully, the special forces agents you control, can survive six grueling stages of furious action, the Red Falcon's threat might be stopped forever, or at least until the next Contra adventure!

A View to a Kill

Contra III: The Alien Wars features both side view and top view stages. The sideview stages are the traditional Contra fare -- nonstop horizontal scrolling action where you blast away with your machine gun or launch an M-80000 Helio Bomb.

The topview stages offer some unique gameplay for an action-adventure game. Unlike the side view levels, these stages allow you to pick your starting point. Your goal is to wipe out a certain number of targets before tackling the boss. The Left and Right buttons, only in the second and 4th levels, control the direction you face. By hitting both of them simultaneously, plus holding down the Y button, you become an awesome, spinning, shooting machine. If you really want to see something wild, check out a top-view level in two-player mode. It gives you split screen action with no slow down whatsoever!

Warm-up your trigger fingers. This game is one tough muther! Luckily by snagging a weapon Wing Ding, which falls from certain enemies when you blast them, you can upgrade your machine gun to a Spread Gun, a Crush Gun, a Homing Gun, a Fire Gun, or a Laser Gun. You'll start with three, five, or seven men. You'll also get bonus players at 20,000 points and then again every 60,000 points. Trust me! You'll need every free guy you can grab!

Beauty and the Beast

Contra 3 begins on the rubble-filled streets of Neo City. No longer is this a bustling metropolis. Shoppers have been replaced by gun-toting terrorists, and Man-Faced Mutts have taken the place of pigeons.


  • The Man-Faced Mutts, in the first stage, leave you alone if you're in Easy mode. Otherwise, you'd better jump when you pass them. If you're dressed like a tire hydrant, you better run for your life!
  • A huge aircraft will give you a major hotfoot if you don't leap up on a platform when it shows up.

But the Man-Mutts and Terrorists are small potatoes compared to some of the giant beasties this game sends your way. I'm talkin' B-I-G!

You go toe-to-toe with the largest monsters ever to infest a video game, such as the Beast Kimkoh, the Metallican, the Robo-Corpse Twins, and the Vicious Slave Hawk. Once again, there's no slow down and no flicker!

  • Blast the Beast Kimkoh in his glowing red heart to damage him. Four or five Helio Bombs, plus some additional blasting, will finish him off.
  • The Stage Two boss, Metallican, your head. Even though he's tough looking, he's a wimp! Two Helio Bombs and some additional blasting is enough to destroy him. The Homing Gun is the best weapon for wasting him.
  • You can't damage the wall-walker until you reach the top of the wall. Just concentrate on climbing and avoiding the missiles.
  • The Flame Gun is the ideal weapon for the first half of Stage Three.
  • Challenge the Robo-Corpse Twins from the sky. Once you destroy their legs, they can't reach you if you hang from the ceiling.
  • You can damage the Megasquito when his red eye shows. When the eye is closed, move to the far left to avoid the bombs.
  • When this spiked creature starts to flame -- better jump for the nearest girder. He's about to go down in smoke.

War Is Hell!

With dark, detailed backgrounds, sky-illuminating explosions, and humongous boss monsters, when you get through with this game, you'll feel like you've been through a major military skirmish. War may be hell, but in Contra III it's a blast!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

One of the most eagerly anticipated shooting sequels is now being readied for the Super NES. This game is none other than - Konami's Contra 4. If you've been thinking about getting the new system but haven't seen anything you really liked, this game will change your mind! The geniuses at Konami have been able to do things in this game that have never been seen before in a home video game! First, Contra 4 is loaded to the hilt with Mode 7 effects! Everything, from the cinema displays to the huge end bosses are all phenomenal! And that's nothing compared to the overview and the 3D perspectives which set new standards in game programming! For example, as you walk through the levels you can scroll the screen in a circle to give you a different view of what is all around you.

Each level in the game will follow a certain pattern, and it is divided into two parts. The first part of the level will be side scrolling. The second part of each level will be either a overview or 3-D perspective. In both of these levels you can scroll the screen around so you can face and walk in certain directions. The 3-D levels will play much like Dungeon Master because when you enter a room you must turn and face either north, south east or west in order to find out what enemies are lurking around. This will give you the effect of walking through the first level of a house. You must enter the room and look all around in order to find the exit to the next room. In each of these level you will be confronted by hundreds of enemies, and many mini-bosses. These mini-bosses look like bosses in other games, but in this game you'll know when you get to the boss of each level.

  • Manufacturer: Konami
  • Machine: Super NES
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: June 1992
  • No. of Levels: 6
  • Theme: Action

Destroy The Vile Red Falcon!

It is the year 2636 and the earth has been invaded by a hostile alien life form known as the Red Falcon. Unfortunately this is not their first visit to our humble home planet. Fortunately there are two brave soldiers that are ready to fight off the Red Falcon organization. These two warriors are descendants of Mad Dog and Scorpion, the heroic contras that destroyed the Red Falcon in previous invasions. Contra 3: The Alien Wars is a shooting masterpiece. We've blown out this great cart just for you! Check out these killer strategies and awesome full color maps. Get ready to play like a Super NES pro and win big!

Mission One: The Streets of Neo City

  1. Watch out for the dogs when playing on normal or hard.
  2. Hop into the tank and plow through the enemies. Use it to destroy the wall.
  3. Be sure to get the Barrier so you can run through the flames.
  4. When this tank comes out, stay all the way to the left and shoot. It should be destroyed in no time.
  5. While crossing over this pit of lava, be sure to shoot downward.
  6. If you have trouble crossing you can destroy the fireballs and cross safely.

Boss One

This oversized turtle is a push-over. If you have crusher or lasers than just get in close and blast away.

Use a bomb for faster results.

Mission Two: Maria Calderon Highway

  1. Start your mission here. When you destroy the enemy turret you will get a Flame thrower. It is the only weapon that can shoot through the barrier.
  2. Watch out for the cracks in the bridge, because the ground will fall out from underneath you.
  3. All around this level there are land mines. They will not explode immediately so keep moving if you step on one.
  4. This turret will give you a Barrier or an extra Bomb at random. This should be the next turret you destroy.

Boss Two

This boss attacks by spinning at you. Keep moving to the right and blast the boss with lasers when it stops spinning. If you damage the boss it will fly up into the air and dive towards you at great speeds. Press jump to duck under its shots. Shoot it in the eye to kill it.

Mission Three: Abandoned Cyber Steel Mill

  1. You will face a swarm of vicious winged aliens. Do not let them take hold of you. Keep shooting and they'll let you go.
  2. The best way to destroy this pest is with a Flame thrower. When it dies it will try to toss you into the abyss below so get all the way to the right. Stay to the right while the missiles pass by and you'll be safe.
  3. This metallic menace will shoot missiles and scale the wall. Try to stay as close to its top foot as you can and shoot the missiles when possible.
  4. The best advice for avoiding his lightning fast rushes is to keep moving. Watch the eye, when it opens expect it to attack. When it attacks, try to get above or below it and aim at a 45-degree angle and blast away. It should be gone in no time.
  5. When the hovercraft gets on the screen, go all the way to the left and hold Right button and shoot at an angle. Watch for the winged soldiers that come from above.
  6. As you walk by here keep shooting to destroy the oncoming missiles.

Boss Three

When you first walk into the boss room, twin guardians will greet you. Use Crusher or Flames to destroy them quickly. Blast the red twin first and his torso will start jumping around. Climb to the top of the room and shoot down and the twins until both are dead. A huge skeleton will rip through the wall. He'll send heat seeking fireballs after you and then chase you with a huge flame from his mouth. Shoot and climb in a clockwise pattern to defeat him. He also sets timed bombs out, so move fast or die.

Mission Four: The Battle of the Blazing Sky

  1. Stay left and shoot diagonally. When they throw bombs, just jump over them.
  2. You can safely destroy the tank and the jetpack aliens by staying to the left and blasting away.
  3. These cannons can be destroyed with constant firepower, but can be easily avoided without a fight.
  4. Use the Flame thrower and shoot upwards to toast the turrets that appear in this section.
  5. This part of the ship is hard to destroy, so just dodge it to live.
  6. Hold the Right button and stay in the middle of the screen while you burn these soldiers to a crisp.
  7. Try to stay halfway between the cannon and the right edge of the screen. When the cannon fires, jump over to the right to avoid the flames.
  8. Go to the left side of the screen and shoot diagonally while holding the Right button.
  9. Concentrated shots will keep this pest from hanging around.

Boss Four

It is best to take out the lower cannon and then go for the top. Once both are gone, concentrate on the big red eye. Watch out for the heat-seeking missiles it fires.

Mission Five: The Mucho Grande Badlands

  1. Everywhere in the level, there are moving patches of sand. Some will rotate and others will drag you towards the edges of the mesa. When destroying the turrets that ire surrounded by the sand, you must use the Left and Right buttons and rotate to counter the effects of the sand.
  2. Watch out for the bridges. They are timed to explode as you walk across them. Do not hesitate at all when crossing over them.

Boss Five

Giant sand worms will come out and try to drag you in. Destroy the sand worms to get power-ups and then get in close and blast the Boss in the eye.

Laser or Crusher will work best


Red Falcon's Main Headquarters:

  1. Here you are greeted by an old familiar face. Use the Spread or another high power weapon and get in close to blow him away.
  2. At this point, you'll need Spread and you must get in close to the heart and fire at an angle.
  3. This creature is only vulnerable when its face is showing. Watch out for its quick attacks and poisonous shots.
  4. Be sure to get the Crusher.
  5. At first, it will lunge at you. Shoot straight up or down and you will inflict the most damage. Its next attack is more dangerous. When it appears climb down a little and blast on a 45 degree angle. Watch out for that tail!

Get Ready to Fight The Red Falcon Motherbrain!

First, you will have to fight a 3headed monster. Concentrate on the outer heads first and then go for the main face. Crusher and Laser work very well on this Boss. Alien drones will come from the outer faces after they are destroyed. When all 3 faces are killed, the Motherbrain will appear. It has 8 different forms and attacks very aggressively. Look at the strategies to the right to blow it away.

The latest installment of the hottest scrolling shooter ever on the NES, Super Contra features dual play, new weapons, and a new adventure within an alien entity!

The tale of two green berets continues in 16-Bit fashion! Once more, the forces of Red Falcon have returned from the deepest reaches of space to terrorize the planet Earth! This time, our favorite heroes will have their hands full with bosses that encompass the entire screen, awesome Mode 7 effects, two weapons at one time and the Mother Brain itself! Contra III: The Alien Wars is a direct hit!

People say:


This game is not only the hottest action game to appear for the Super NES, it's the best thrill for the money to come along for any system in some time. Taking the Super NES to the max, this game has full screen rotation, incredible Mode 7 Bosses, incredible graphics and sound as well as game play that won't quit! Awesome!


You can't do an action game much better than this. Konami has packed a lot into Contra 3 and it shows! From the incredible Boss encounters to the overhead rotational levels, this cart has challenge as well as eye-popping visuals. The game play is still Contra, but in a suit like this the game has never looked better!


This cart is the perfect example of how a 16-Bit game should be. The Mode 7 is incredible and the bosses are huge. The graphics are arcade quality and the music and sound effects are mind-blowing. The game play is near perfect and the difficulty is just right. This game is a total trip from beginning to end. I want more.


Contra III: The Alien Wars is exactly what a 16-Bit title should be. The graphics are excellent, especially with the abundant use of Mode 7. The music rocks when hooked up to a stereo, and the control has a special feel all its own. The perfect difficulty settings and the multiple endings, kept me coming back for more.

The year is 2636. After suffering several defeats on the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Game Boy, the evil Aliens have regrouped and launched a large-scale invasion of Earth via the SNES. Here's a preview of Contra 3 -- The Alien Wars, Konami's newest blast-em-up!

Aliens Go Home!

Unlike in previous invasions, this time the Aliens gain the upperhand. Earth is at their mercy -- and trust us... mercy isn't one of their stronger personality traits!

After our planet has suffered months of Alien domination, two high tech warriors, members of Earth's best Contra team, appear in a devastated, Alien-controlled metropolis. Their mission is clear: wipe out all Alien scum -- take no prisoners! Victory will only come with the complete destruction of the Alien's main base.

Contra 3 -- is a six level video gaming masterpiece. The game mixes side-scrolling and top-view one or two-player gaming. And check out the bosses! Not only are they super cool, the action NEVER slows down.

The Best Contra Ever

Overall, the graphic detail and the intense action in this preliminary game are mindboggling -- this game definitely looks destined to land at or near the top of the "SNES Best" chart. WHAT will Konami do for an encore?

Contra III: The Alien Wars is a run and gun game and is the third in the series, bringing a series of improvements along with it.

Story-wise, the game is set in the very distant future, in the year 2636, when a race of aliens called the "Red Falcon" invade the Earth. The two heroes Jimbo and Sully, descendants of the heroes from the previous game, take the fight to the aliens, as they say in their memorable quote, “aggressively”. Truth be told, there never was much to the story of the Contra series. It instead focuses on the action and gameplay.

The gameplay is simple and straight to the point: shoot the aliens that come towards you. Taking advantage of the latest technology, the characters can now jump, grab onto ledges, swing from poles and even destroy elements of the scenery. Contra III also features two top-view levels, which is a nice change of pace. There are various weapons and power ups available, like the previously all-mighty spread shot or a flamethrower with a continuous jet.

Graphically, the stages and enemies are nice and varied; you'll never fight the same enemies in different places. Contra III has received praise for using the full capabilities of the current technology, sometimes being compared to later, more advanced games. The backgrounds shift quite a few times and leave no room for monotony. The player characters are also much larger and more detailed compared to previous installments of the series.

Still, the game has received criticism for its more difficult than usual gameplay. Some of the complaints were regarding the limited number of lives and the ease with which you can be overwhelmed by hordes of aliens. Some even considered it ridiculous to be able to jump and grab onto shooting missiles, but they probably didn’t take into account the fact that it was never meant to be realistic.

To conclude, Contra III does not put much emphasis on its storyline and instead opts for fast-paced, sometimes chaotic (maybe difficult) but ultimately fun gameplay. With so many distractions and eye-candy available in-game, you almost forget why you were firing your weapons in the first place.

Contra III: The Alien Wars features:

  • Fast paced action at three different difficulty settings.
  • Great level and weapon variety.
  • Many bosses and mini-bosses spread throughout the game, each with different tactics.

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