Crusoe Had It Easy

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a game by Marble Syrup
Platform: PC (2015)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 3 votes
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Crusoe Had It Easy
Crusoe Had It Easy
Crusoe Had It Easy
Crusoe Had It Easy

Crusoe Had It Easy is a fun and sometimes dark lewd visual novel that certainly does not overstay its welcome. If you are someone who wants a short, but very XXX sweet experience this game is perfect for you. It has a zany art style some interesting writing and a pretty hot main lady for you to experience this strange island with. I had fun with this one and I can easily see myself coming back to play through it again pretty soon.

Lost In Paradise

While I will be the first to admit that the setup for what we have going on here in Crusoe Had It Easy is not exactly original, it is still fun. We end up shipwrecked with our hot cousin on a strange island and the story basically is about these two surviving and the relationship that builds between them. I found the writing to be pretty good, I never noticed any major mistakes and the story always felt like it was moving pretty quickly, you do not have to worry about dialogue for the sake of dialogue here.

Now That Took Quite The Turn

I did not read much about Crusoe Had It Easy before I played it. I came into this thinking it was all fun and games, happy-go-lucky, trying to bang my hot cousin stuff. Do not get me wrong, there is certainly that kind of stuff here and there were certainly a few times where it felt like the developer was giving me a smile and a wink with some of the stuff that was being said. However, there were some pretty dark turns that the story took when I was messing with the choices so that is something to think about if you are just playing this for the laughs and the lewds.

Collecting Them All

Crusoe Had It Easy is a very typical lewd visual novel. You read the story and then you get a few choices that you can pick from. These choices will take you down certain paths and while I did not see them all, from what I understand there are seven different endings in the game. I will say that the choices you make are not always super clear when it comes to what direction the story is going to go in. It does only take around 20 to 30 minutes max for a playthrough. I ended up playing through the game twice and got two very different endings. I would like to play through it again, but I do wish that once you beat the game, it unlocked some kind of guide or path manager to help you get all of the endings.

Not So Close!

One thing that is neat about Crusoe Had It Easy is that if you think your cousin Sophie is hot, but do not like the whole incest thing. You can type in “not so close” as a cheat and it changes from her being your cousin to just a friend. I thought that Sophie was super hot and the game had a very cool animated style to it. I got a couple of the XXX scenes and I thought that they were fun, but there are some that are pretty dark so that kind of tonal shift may be off-putting to some people. In all, I like the whole style of the game and think that the developer did a great job here.


One of the main things that I liked and really enjoyed about my time with Crusoe Had It Easy was how the game was short. From what I understand if you played the game perfectly and did not get any duplicate endings, you could see all it has to offer in just a couple of hours. On the flip side of that, I could easily see this being a game many people play through once, have fun with it, but also have no desire to play through again to get a different ending. If you want a lewd visual novel that is only going to take you 30 minutes at most to play through, give this one a try.


  • Sophie was a pretty hot character
  • Cousin or friend? You get to decide which is cool
  • I liked the art style
  • There are many different endings


  • Some of those endings felt a bit dark for the style and vibe of the game
  • It could do with some kind of guide to prevent you from getting repeat endings

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Crusoe Had It Easy is a visual interactive novel from solo game designer Marble Syrup that centers on a guy and his cousin who find themselves on an isolated island trying to survive.

Gotta be on time for exams

Exams are a serious thing. Every student knows that being late for an exam is inadmissible, otherwise it will not be passed. However, the main character and his cousin or, as they say, cousin, missed the opportunity to leave in advance for the exam. This important event is taking place in another city and there is no way to make it by car or train now. Even if you go in a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, Aston Martin Valkyrie or Shanghai Maglev (Chinese high-speed train). Only a plane can help.

The father of the main character urgently calls the airport to check the availability of tickets, it seems there are just two. Oliver - I decided to give this name to the main character - quickly packed his things, called his cousin Sophie and together they went to the airport in the backseat of his father's car. Dad fervently wished them good luck with their exams, but they had to get there first.


Oliver had been afraid of air travel as a child, but that time had passed; he sat bravely in the passenger seat and repeated the study material so as not to waste time. At one point Sophie grabbed the arm of a sleeping Oliver. He quickly woke up and didn't immediately understand what was wrong, and the thing was that the plane was shaking. They were falling... They had been falling for several minutes:

  • All the seats were rattling
  • The food cart was hitting the side of the plane
  • The food was flying all over the cabin

The plane crashed. Oliver and Sophie fortunately survived, but their belongings were lost. Laptop, clothes, and household items were all under the wreckage of the plane. There were dollars left in their pockets, but how can they help on a desert island. The weather here is sunny.

Survive at any cost

Now the boys have to hunt, fish, make a fire, and build shelter. It's hard to stay alive in a place like this, especially if you don't have any wilderness living skills. The player takes responsibility for the lives of Oliver and Sophie. In addition to simply surviving, the player will be faced with the moral dilemma of whether or not to molest Sophie. Depending on Oliver's actions, the player will discover one of seven endings. Those who enjoy the game will be able to replay it again and again. Sophie will be walking around in a sexy swimsuit, will you take it off to get a good look at all her cousin's charms?

The choice always accompanies the player:

  • Sex or morality
  • Help or Ignore
  • Sleep as much as possible or increase your chances of survival

Crusoe Had It Easy is a visual novel with lots of sex (if you let Oliver do it, of course). Two characters try to survive on an island with no living soul but them. I want to warmly praise the style of drawing. The drawing is a separate art form, the artists of this game have managed to sneak into the players' hearts. We recommend fans of Dies irae - Acta est Fabula, Sword Art Online VR Lovely Honey Days and Goblin Layer.

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