Curved Space

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a game by Only By Midnight Ltd.
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Curved Space
Curved Space
Curved Space

Developers seem to be so driven by nostalgia these days. We often wonder if there are any young gamers left? Of course, that's not true, but games like Curved Space seem to justify that point. We're being offered yet another arcade-style space shooter that wants to tap into all the warm memories. It tries to revive the time we've spent at game establishments, blasting astral oddities into oblivion.

We complain about them all being similar, but these games wouldn't be made if we didn't play them. Curved Space is one of those mechanically-cloned twin-stick arcade games that adds a contemporary flair into the mix. It looks bright, exhilarating, and explosive - but is it fun? Only one way to tickle our nostalgic interests!

Where There are Humans, There Are Creepy Crawlies

As an arcade game, you wouldn't really expect any sort of narrative to backing the action. However, in Curved Space, we are treated to one! In the distant future, humans have come to harvest intergalactic energy for their livelihoods. But look out, this has attracted all sorts of nuisances. Namely, space spiders - and it's your job to defend civilization from the evil arachnids!

Mechanically, Curved Space has the basic gameplay you'd expect from a game of this stature. You control a spaceship with the ability to shoot, maneuver, and blast your way through the seemingly endless number of foes. It's all statistic and skill-based with an increasing difficulty curve - it's either going to thrill arcade fans or bore the pants off newcomers.

The gameplay premise doesn't sound too attractive, but what makes Curved Space intriguing is the visuals. They are unique outside of the usual arcade confines, bringing cel-shaded neon steelworks underlying the fearsome foes. The animations of destruction and movement convey a full palette of color with each flick of the stick.

Curved Space works as an arcade game on every level and does a pretty good job of triggering nostalgia. The main problem with the game is it does start to feel aimless pretty quickly. Even the campaign mode with set objectives doesn't take too long before you question why you are reckoning with the same enemies and similar tasks. But alas, this game seems to know it's not for everyone.

Throw a Curveball

There's something reminiscent of squashing an endless amount of bugs in colorful ways. That would be in Earth Defence Force 2017! The arcade nature and repetitive gameplay are similar between the two, albeit Curved Space would feel a little more stylish than comical. But the success of the former proves there is a market for these types of games, and we can't say that the latter won't find its place.


While Curved Space is more of a pickup-and-play game, the entertainment and challenge value of the game makes it worth playing if you have a short amount of time to spare. It won't be transcending you back to the days of competitive gaming in an arcade, but it will bring some smiles to your face.


  • Classic arcade-style space shooter that handles well
  • The visuals enhance gameplay making each battle interesting
  • 3-different game modes to keep players entertained


  • Gameplay won't hold players attention too long
  • The upgrade system is a bit bland
  • Not too much diversity in foes or environments

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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