Deadly Arts

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a game by Konami
Platform: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64
Editor Rating: 2.7/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Deadly Arts
Deadly Arts
Deadly Arts
Deadly Arts

Deadly Arts looks like Monster Rancher for the N64.. .but with a fighting-game flair. Armed with real martial arts moves, this 3D fighting game boasts 12 rendered characters to choose from and beautiful interactive backgrounds to fight in. The key feature, though, is the ability to create and train your own combatant who will have their own unique fighting skill and personality. Since the N64 currently has only one outstanding fighting game (Mace: The Dark Age), hopefully Deadly Arts will shape up into a breath of fresh air for N64 fighting fans.

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Nintendo 64

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Deadly Arts is a mediocre fighting game that's chock full of options. But those options don't raise the quality of its gameplay.

Although you can recover from hits by landing on certain objects, like tires and boxes, or create your own players and train them (kind of like an ass-kicking Pokemon), the game still isn't much more fun than other second-tier fighting games, such as Flying Dragon and Fighter's Destiny.

The problems begin with the game's ultra-stiff controls and work their way down through the lame, simplistic moves; the choppy character animations; and the incredibly sheepish A.I. Most combos are performed by pressing the same button, like Punch, Punch, Punch--you can't get any simpler than that.

The only saving grace--and it isn't really saving much--is the sound. The game rocks out with kind of a funkified soundtrack, then layers in the same smacks, grunts, and groans of other fighters.

Deadly's uninspired character designs (including typical male, female, and zombie fighters), camera angles that leave you behind walls, and lackluster backgrounds stall the game's Fun Factor. DA's more dud-ly than deadly, and that's a shame because the only other new fighting game this season for N64 owners is Mortal Kombat 4.


  • Some fighting stages have hidden areas. The easiest way to reveal them is to lay the smack down on someone when they're against a wall or a fence.
  • Remember to choose a careful mix of size attributes when creating a custom fighter--their weight and height determine their speed.
  • Beating a fighter in Training mode allows you to implement one of their moves in your arsenal. Take the move with the most amount of button presses--you can always use a good, short combo when starting out
  • Throws inflict more damage than a normal combo. Learn and use the throws as soon as you can.

People say:


When will I be able to sit down and challenge a fellow ninja to a good fighting game on the N64? Deadly Arts starts out with flash but quickly fizzles. Graphically, the game isn't all that bad. The polygon builds are nice and the presentation of the stages (especially before a match) are impressive. Where the game falls flat is in the horrendous play control and astonishingly amateur game design. The fighters animate like crap and the camera movement is pathetic. Speaking of the fighters, they have an incredibly generic design to them: Aside from one or two female characters who look average at best, the cast of characters in Deadly Arts is about as exciting as getting a root canal. If there is a bright side to the game, it's in the Create A Fighter Mode. The ability to customize your characters is always fun and the possible variations are enough to keep you occupied for a while--that is until you have to train your newbies and subject yourself to the game's wonderful play mechanics (sarcasm, kids). With more development time, Deadly Arts could easily have been a decent fighter. Instead it's probably one of the top-5 worst fighting games I've ever played. This is not at all representative of what I know Konami is capable of, and it only serves to increase my frustration with l the N6Vs lack of decent fighters.


This is the worst N64 game I have ever played. Bad technology: Polygon drop out, sluggish animation, buggy camera angles, horrible graphics...bad gameplay: piss-poor controls, retarded moves, three buttons (punch, kick and guard), bad collision detection, choppy movements. I swear this piece of utter crap must've been programmed in BASIC. I have NEVER seen a fighting game this bad. Please rent it for a good laugh.


Ouch. Deadly Arts may look nice in still screen shots, but don't be fooled--this game is TERRIBLE. There's nary an ounce of decent gameplay to be found, anywhere. The fighting engine is a joke, the controls are sluggish, the animation sucks, the characters are ridiculously lame and the music is awful, too. Being able to create a fighter is cool, but the game is so bad it sucks the fun right out of the whole process. Pathetic...


As if the N64's fighting-game track record wasn't bad enough, the kicky-punchy genre has hit a new low with Deadly Arts. The fighting engine--a no-frills copy of Dead or Alive's--is worse than derivative: It's dull. The animation is choppy and unnatural. Control is far from precise. Most arenas look terrible. And while the Create a Fighter feature is innovative, why bother building a character when the gameplay is so shoddy?

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