Dude, Stop

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a game by Team HalfBeard
Platform: PC (2018)
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.7/10 - 3 votes
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Dude, Stop
Dude, Stop
Dude, Stop
Dude, Stop

Most puzzle games have a pretty straight forward process. In order to proceed, you must solve puzzles to unlock more chapters or finish the game. Dude, Stop is a refreshing game in that to win you must fail every puzzle that comes your way.

A backstory is provided to help make understanding what you are supposed to do easier. You are a game tester, and must “solve” the puzzles in order to test the game. The more you mess up, the angrier the developer gets, which can be absolutely hilarious as time goes on. The way the developer interacts with you is a bit like Doki Doki Literature Club, but without the creepiness and death.

Losing is flexible

The simple truth is, you will progress whether you are a complete jerk about solving the puzzles or not. You can even get achievements for solving the puzzle in the most off-beat way possible. Presumably to teach you what is desired in the game, the first few puzzles you can’t pass unless you do the “Wrong” thing. For example, one of the first puzzles show a foot, a sock, and a sandal. If you put the sock on first and then the sandal, that’s a fashion crime and is “wrong.” Otherwise, you can solve the game more or less how you want. If you solve the puzzle properly, the developer will be happy with you and make positive comments.

Seriously though, where is the fun in that? Instead, the game challenges you to solve the puzzle in a different way. There are multiple ways to solve each puzzle, and the narrator will react in different ways depending on what you do.

Best Voice Acting Ever

Quality voice acting is important in any game, but in Dude, Stop the voice actor for the narrator has outdone himself. His outrage at your out of the box solutions is well worth taking a few extra moments to solve them in unusual methods. This one characters voice acting is really enough to carry the game.

Short and simple

The game is very short, and probably won’t take too long to play through. Although the narrator is entertaining, the puzzles aren’t quite engaging enough to make you want to repeat the game, even with the alternative endings.

The simplistic graphics also don’t lend itself to the entertainment value, and look terrible on large screens such as TVs.


This game is short, fast and to the point. It’s an enjoyable game in that you can feel free to unleash your naughty side and still get things done. The narration is hilarious, and the puzzles are easy to get through. Unfortunately, it may be a bit too short and simple. Without any sort of challenge, there’s no incentive to keep going back and trying new things. If you are looking for a quick adventure you don’t have to commit to in order to enjoy, Dude, Stop might be a good choice for you.


  • Hilarious narration
  • Unique gameplay
  • Perfect weekend game


  • Simple graphics
  • May be a bit too easy

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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