Bad Guys at School

Download Bad Guys at School and embrace your inner troublemaker! Choose your character, cause chaos, and complete hilarious objectives in this quirky sandbox game. Get ready for mischief and play now!
a game by Forceight
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 8.4/10, based on 4 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 48 votes
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Bad Guys at School
Bad Guys at School
Bad Guys at School

The first video I saw of Bad Guys at School had a kid picking up his teacher Ultimate Warrior style and throwing her through the window! Right then and there I knew that this was a game I had to try. This is an open world/sandbox style of game that is set in a messed up school that should probably be blown up as things are so bad there. This is not a great game by any means, but if you want something that is going to get some laughs from you and your friends, it is worth checking out.

Teachers vs Students

The whole premise of Bad Guys at School is that the kids are wanting to revolt against the school and extreme violence and even murder is the way that they think is most appropriate to go about this! On the flip side of this, we have the teachers who for some crazy reason are going to keep working at the school to try and educate the kids even though the place is freaking nuts and members of the faculty get killed on a daily basis!

Missions Of Mayhem

You walk around the game world and you need to partake in various missions. Most of the missions require you to find and use a certain object to complete the missions. A great example of the kind of missions you can expect in Bad Guys at School is one early on in the game where you need to blow up a firecracker in the office of the principal. You need to find the firecracker first in the store and then do the mission.

You earn reputation points for being a “bad guy” and this is how the progression in the game is handled. You can buy new clothes and equipment as you progress. The idea of the game is fun and all, but the AI is terrible and does not offer much of a challenge so it can get boring pretty quickly.

Hey Teacher’ Leave Those Kids Alone

To really appreciate Bad Guys at School, you have to play with friends, this is where you have a real teachers vs students battle and the team with the highest score at the end wins. It is so much fun and you guys will be having so many laughs at the crazy stuff that goes on. Driving a school bus into the school, picking people up, and throwing them like they are nothing and more. There is not a lot of depth here, but for a quick laugh, it is a lot of fun.

The Basics Of School Life

The presentation is not great by any means, this looks like a very early PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 game. The character models are rough, the world is sparsely detailed and when you pick things up it is hit or miss if they are in your hands or just floating next to them. This kind of “roughness” just adds to the laughs when you are playing with your friends.


I must admit that playing Bad Guys at School on my own, I found that the game lost its appeal quite quickly. You may come into this wanting it to be something like the awesome Bully, but it is more like Goat Simulator. If you can get a few friends in on this then you guys will certainly have a fun time, just do not expect to be playing this game for weeks at a time.


  • I liked the idea of the game
  • The way you pick people up is hilarious
  • Playing with friends is a great time
  • This game is dirt cheap


  • The whole game is very rough
  • It loses its appeal very quickly unless you are playing with others

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

When you attended school, going by statistics, we can only imagine that you were an average student. Kept your head down, got into your fair share of trouble but generally, had a standard, unremarkable school career. Well, there was always that one kid in school that lived recklessly, stuck a middle finger up to the rules and basically ruled the school. Not everyone can pull this off in reality, however, when playing Bad Guys at School, you can be the rebellious adolescent that you never got the chance to be.

This game is a spiritual successor to the popular Rockstar video game, Bully. However, the game could also be compared to games like Persona, The Sims, GTA, LA Noire and Manhunt. This is a game that takes you back to school but is this a lesson in great game design, or will you be sending it to detention. Here is our review of Bad Guys at School.

Bad To The Bone

Bad Guys at School isn't a like for like recreation of Bully, but it is very much made in the game's image. In this title you will have set tasks to complete during every school day, you will have an abundance of wacky scenarios to get yourself involved in and when you aren't completing tasks, take school overworld is a wonderfully rich sandbox with tonnes of strange pastimes to get up to. Just don't get caught or you'll be heading to detention.

Visually, the game is better than its predecessor Bully, however, Bully is a very very old title by comparison. That being said, the visuals are fine. The textures can look a little rubbery, the animations are a little 'my first Unity project' and the saturation is a little bit much at times. However, as a whole, it's a solid world that players can exist and immerse themselves in rather easily.

Then on top of all this excellent stuff, the game also has a multiplayer mode which allows the teachers to face off against the students in an all-out frenzy of chaos. It can get very stupid at times, to the point that it's farcical, but so long as you can overlook the fantastical physics and the cartoon logic, you'll have a lot of fun.

The Verdict

Overall, we have to say that for a free to play game, we really like this Bully clone. It does all of the stuff that Bully did back in the day, but modernising the more dated content.


Then the game doesn't stop there, adding some new content and a fully fledged multiplayer into the mix. So overall, we would say give this a try, but don't expect a refined and polished experience.


  • A fun sandbox experience
  • A fully-fledged multiplayer mode
  • Chaotic fun


  • Graphics are okay at best
  • Physics are rather silly
  • Many will see this as a Bully clone

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