Police Shootout

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a game by Games Incubator
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 9.5/10 - 4 votes
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Police Shootout
Police Shootout
Police Shootout

What I think is very cool about Police Shootout is the way that it is just focusing on the exciting and dangerous parts of being a police officer. With missions based on real crimes, this is an intense action shooter that will let you live out all of your cop fantasies as you try and save the day and taking down the bad guys. If you love shooters that are a bit more cerebral then this is just what you have been looking for.

Bad Boys!

From what I can tell there is no big overarching plot here which may not sit well with people. In Police Shootout you are a cop that is trying to rise up through the ranks and make the city safe and sound. The game has many different missions ranging from stopping a robbery at a grocery store to saving a kidnap victim that is locked in a trunk. Most of the missions are based on real events which I think is pretty neat.

Let’s Talk

When you start a mission, you have different options before you. You can just try and shoot your way out of it if you want. However, you can also do some hostage type negotiations as well. You get a dialogue tree and you can try and talk them down so things can become more peaceful. I think this is a very interesting idea and well worth trying before you decide to let the bullets fly.

Getting On The Radio

You also have a partner with you as what kind of good cop does not? The thing is in Police Shootout, your partner is going to need your help. If your partner gets into trouble you have a few different options at your disposal. You can call in for back up, report an officer down and you can even throw them a clip so that they can help you shoot down the bad guys that are causing all the trouble in the first place!

Hitting The Target Range!

Part of being a cop is being good with a gun and more often than not many of the missions that you are on will end up in a shootout. The thing here is that you can just start shooting and sometimes you will have to as things can go south in Police Shootout pretty quickly.

However, as you are a cop and you have spent a lot of time on the shooting range, you can also zoom in for more accuracy. When you do this certain body parts will be highlighted so that you can shoot them in a non-lethal way or you can go straight for the kill.


I have played many games where you get to play as a cop before, but I think that the way Police Shootout is going about it is very interesting. It forgoes many of the more pedestrian aspects of being a cop such as driving and walking the beat and just gets straight to the nitty-gritty and life of death kind of stuff and that is very exciting. It is worth noting that they are offering a free prologue to this game so be sure to have a look at that so you can see if this is worth your time.


  • Playing as a cop is always cool
  • There are many different missions based on real crimes
  • You can try your hand at hostage negotiating
  • There are many aspects to each case


  • I wish there was more of a story linking it all together
  • Getting a high ranking on some missions is really challenging

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Being a police officer is a difficult job. You need the proper training to do what needs to be done, but it is also important to have good instincts and people skills to gain the trust of the community you are protecting. It can be a lot for a normal person to become a cop, but thankfully there are several ways to experience cop life, most notably through video games. One such game is called Police Shootout, a turn-based FPS from the developers at Games Incubator. This unique cop game has a number of stressful scenarios for you to tackle and neutralize. If that sounds enticing to you, here is everything you need to know about Police Shootout.

Not Your Average FPS

Police Shootout differentiates itself from other cop games like the S.W.A.T. series with a unique gameplay mechanic. The game is entirely in first-person like your typical shooter, but it is also turn-based. In encounters, the action will slow down so you can aim at enemy weaknesses, or choose from dialogue options in conversations. A card system also determines your ability to handle some situations. It might sound strange, but Police Shootout’s gameplay is incredibly satisfying and original in ways that more mainstream games would be afraid to attempt.

Follow a Policeman’s Career

You will start the game as a rookie cop named Scott Price who has just started out in a city called San Adrino. This small city might seem peaceful on the outside, but the truth is that it is riddled with gang warfare and crime, and it is up to the police force you count yourself a part of to handle all kinds of situations and try to make the city safe. It won’t be easy, but it is a noble cause and your calling as a policeman. Along the way, you will also uncover secrets about Scott’s past. Occasionally clues will drop about how he got to where he is, and why he became a cop in the first place.

Open-Ended Encounters

As a cop, it is your duty to neutralize situations with as little violence as possible. Police Shootout gives the player complete control over how scenarios play out with its card system. Will you run in guns blazing, or attempt to negotiate with that bank robber? What about the hostage situation? Will you prioritize the hostages’ safety or the criminal’s demands? Make each decision carefully, because lives hang in the balance, and people are counting on you to get them to safety.


As you navigate these situations, the kind of cop you are destined to become will be clear, and the game keeps track of all of those stats.


  • Lots of creative situations with many possible ways to play out
  • Great story with lots of interesting twists
  • Unique gameplay that sets it apart from other games in its genre


  • Controls can be janky
  • Graphics are ok in some places, not great in others
  • Card system is confusing sometimes

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