Fighter's History

a game by Data East
Genre: Fighting Games
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 6.9/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 2 votes
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Fighter's History
Fighter's History
Fighter's History
Fighter's History

A game controversial enough to provoke a copyright-infringement lawsuit must be pretty interesting, right? Not really. Any Street Fighter II fan will quickly recognize Fighter's History for what it is: an unremarkable SF knock-off with solid but slow game play.

Don't Know Much About this History

Fighter's History is another one of those fighters-from- around-the-world tournament games. The story is, well... what story? Bland design keeps characters such as Marstorius the Hungarian wrestler and Jean the French gymnast/florist from being particularly likable, though you can't help being impressed by moves such as the Double German, which sucks you in like the Spinning Pile Driver.

FH plays much like SF, though a few of the moves, like Fei Lin's midair Fireball, are unique. Still, most techniques are familiar territory. The special moves mainly consist of controller motions like the quarter- circle or Charge motions where you hold back and then push forward. You'll also find that the game play engine and the combo system are nearly identical to those in Street Fighter, including two- in-ones. This means the action is solid but not provoking.

ProTip: The standard Fierce-Fierce-Fireball combos from SF work perfectly here.

With all its similarities to Street Fighter, Fighter's History just isn't as balanced as it could have been. Fortunately, seven difficulty settings will challenge players of every caliber, but you'll lose interest soon after encountering the goofy bosses, Clown and Karnov.

A Flat Fight

History's character animation isn't bad, but the dumb-looking characters don't help the graphics. Then you look at the backgrounds. Actually, you have to look twice because you almost miss them. They're washed out, lack detail, and don't have the awesome multi-scrolling effects of Street Fighter. The sound isn't much better. There are some pretty decent, though completely unintelligible, voices. (Ray's "Big Tornado" sounds like "Baked Potato.")

Send Out the Clone

Figher's History is a decent clone of SF II, but somewhere along the way, Data East missed a gene or two. This game is a historic piece of rental material.

  • Ryoko's Storm Mountain takes off a ton of damage and is best used in close.
  • There's a code that enables you to play as the bosses, Clown and Kamov. Good luck finding it!
  • Use Marstorius's Double German to suck in the enemy when they try to do a move.
  • Look for keep-out moves, which stop the opponent when they jump in for an attack.

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Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: Data East
  • Machine: Super NES
  • Theme: Fighting

People say:


Fighter's History is a good fighting game. It succeeds where many fail: the control. Its controls are really good, and there are a lot of moves per character. Each of the fighters has his/her own style, adding to the personality of the game. My only real qualms lie with the backgrounds. They don't seem like they fit. The voices are a nice touch, I thought. Overall, this is a good game to pick up if you enjoy fighting carts.


While I typically don't drool on most fighting games. Fighter's History has some strong points. The control, for instance, is topnotch. There aren't many fighting games where I can actually do a special move when I really want to, yet with this one I can. The addition of weak points on the characters is great! Fighter's History is definitely worth a look if you want something new in the fighting game genre.


As a fighting game, I think that Fighter's History is a decent cart. Unlike many fighting games that come out, FH has exceptional control. The moves are easy to pull off, as are the special attacks. I also like the Survival Mode for team play. The best part is knocking a piece of the opponent's armor or clothing off. Very cool! It does take a minor drop in the graphics and sound. It's definitely for fight fans.


After all the publicity of this game with the Capcom suit, I don't see it being that similar. Several characters have fireball moves and such but it doesn't possess the feel of SF 2. The cart plays well with good control and ease of getting moves off. The graphics and sounds aren't exceptional but they are on par with others of this category. It could have benefited from some new innovations or more variety of moves.

  • Manufacturer: Data East
  • Machine: Super Famicom
  • Theme: Fighting
  • Release: May '94

For hard-hitting action, take a look at Fighter's History by Data East. Boasting pristine graphics, lots of characters, and amazing moves, this title would impress any fighting fan. It even has an old Data East hero in it. Do any of you remember Karnov?

It's unlikely that we'll ever see this game on our shores, since there's a lawsuit going on between Data East and Capcom. It seems that some of the features of this game resemble Street Fighter 2 a bit too closely. If it ever does come out, you might want to take notice of this one. Fighter's history looks impressive.

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