Flying Neko Delivery

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a game by Fractal Phase
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Flying Neko Delivery
Flying Neko Delivery
Flying Neko Delivery
Flying Neko Delivery

Hmm, that was what I said when I first saw, Flying Neko Delivery. This is clearly inspired by a popular anime (which we will touch on later) and the game has a ton of charm to it and I was shocked that the game was going to be in 3D. When I first heard of this game, I was sure it would be 2D so the fact it is 3D was a very welcome surprise. This is just a really fun and relaxing kind of game. The kind of game that is perfect for those that want to chill out, make new friends, and decorate their witch’s cabin!

Where is Kiki?

Look, there is no way that the people behind Flying Neko Delivery were not inspired by the classic anime movie, Kiki’s Delivery Service from Studio Ghibli! There are just way too many similarities with what is going on here. We play as a cat called, Onigiri, and Onigiri is a witch, but do not worry, she is a nice witch. She likes to make friends and deliver packages, that is pretty much her job and the more packages she delivers the more places she can travel to.

Flying Around On Your Broom

The gameplay of Flying Neko Delivery is probably what surprised me about this the most. It is a 3D exploration style of game where you have to fly around each world on your little broomstick. You need to deliver packages to the right person and also pick up flowers and the like on your travels as you go. It is a very relaxing kind of gameplay loop and the flying controls have been simplified so that the game is not frustrating or difficult to control. They have clearly gone out of their way to make this as a relaxing experience as they can.

Delivering Packages, Picking Up Friends

The whole style of Flying Neko Delivery is just so very cute and adorable that it is impossible not to smile the whole time you are playing the game! A huge part of the game is making friends. The more packages you deliver to the same person, the closer you become to them and ultimately you will become friends with them. While this is fun and all, making friends is important because you do this and it will open up new places for you to explore which offers you, new friends, to make as well as items that you can then use back at your home.

Your Humble Abode!

Another part of the game that I am sure is going to be very addictive for many people in Flying Neko Delivery is the customization aspect. On your travels, you can pick up various items that you can then use to furnish and customize your witch’s cabin with. It is kind of like decorating your home in Animal Crossing. You can also upgrade your broom too and there are other things to collect and improve as you progress through the game too. I think a great deal of the addiction aspect of this game is going to rely on just how much stuff you can do to your house.


I know that it seems like a super simple game, but even the grumpiest of people has to admit that there is a ton of charm in Flying Neko Delivery. It is the kind of game that is perfect for those of you who love games such as Animal Crossing, Story of Seasons, and Harvest Moon. I feel that it has many of the same qualities that make games such as those very addictive and fun. Of course, if games like that are not usually something you gravitate towards, this may be a hard sell for you.


  • How cute and adorable is this game?
  • I like delivering stuff to people and making friends
  • You can customize your little witch house which is fun
  • I am sure for the right person, this game will be very addictive


  • I do wonder if there will be as much to do here as in Animal Crossing
  • These types of games are not for everyone

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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