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a game by Code Monkeys Ltd., The
Platform: Playstation 2 (2004)
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 5 votes
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Many video games find their origins to come from other pieces of media, even more so than movies. While we see a lot of adaptations from books and cartoons into movies, we have to consider that we also see adaptations of movies, books, comics, and much more into video games. This is great for gamers since they can enjoy games about just about anything, including all their favorite franchises and characters. Today we're talking about one based on a beloved franchise that's been out in the world for many decades now. We're talking about Garfield, and this game developed by The Code Monkeys and published by Hip Games, released in 2004, just in time for the movie. So, what is this game all about? Well, let's talk about it!

About the game

Surprising as it may be, especially considering the timing of the release of this game, this isn't an adaptation of the movie, nor does it have anything to do with it, aside from both being about the same orange cat we all know and love. Garfield the video game focuses instead on an original story, loosely inspired by the typical situations of the comic strips.

One day, after Jon leaves the house, he leaves Garfield on his own, and he's supposed to behave and keep the house tidy and clean. If he manages to do so he'll be rewarded with a big piece of lasagna when Jon comes back home. We all know that Garfield is pretty lazy, so keeping the house tidy and clean won't be a problem at all. So, as lazy as Garfield is, he just decides to take a nap to wait for Jon to come back.

Of course, one thing Garfield clearly forgot is that he's not completely all by himself in the house, as Odie the dog is there, and he's a very active dog. By the time Garfield wakes up from his nap, he finds the entire house to be a complete mess. Now he has to work harder than ever before to get it all clean and nice, all before Jon comes back home. If he doesn't he may never get to eat lasagna again!


Obviously, you play Garfield in his herculean task to get the house nice and clean before Jon comes back home. To do so you'll arm yourself with a vacuum cleaner to pick up all the stuff and dirt. You'll also need to put the paintings and objects back where they belong. But as you already know, you'll need to do it really fast.

Yes, this means that similar to The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, time will be an important element for you to keep in mind as you play the game. There's a total of 15 rooms in the house you'll need to clean and find all the keys to open the locked rooms. Yes, we are aware that this house is way too big for Jon's salary, but it does add content to the game.


Garfield is a little strange, and we're not talking about the character itself, but about the game. On one hand it has some hack n slash elements, combined with too many puzzles and odd-looking visuals. Overall it's a little too basic of a game that's tried to be made more complicated than it should be. But hey, it works if you really don't like Mondays, or just love Garfield.


  • Good for the fans
  • Lasagna!


  • Too many puzzles

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Playstation 2

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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