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a game by Atlus
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 3 votes
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People say:


Kartia may look like another Tactics-style clone, but it looks and plays different enough from its brethren (Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre) to warrant a serious look...assuming you like these kinds of games enough to figure out the nuances of each one. To start off, Kartia is beautiful--not quite up to FFT standards, but the art and music are grade A. The suspenseful story line also kept me engrossed. I had a hard time putting down the controller because I wanted to see what events would unfold after finishing each battle. But the game's best side has got to be its strategy engine. It's extremely simple to learn (making Kartia a little easier to get into than FFT, in my opinion). But the nature of Kartia's battle system also forces you to really think and plan out your fights. The on-field factors (weapons, unit-type, terrain, magic) can be so integral, you can spend 10-20 minutes before each scuffle preparing your army (yet all the details never bog the game down since the gameplay is so intuitive). On the down side, the story line is 100 percent linear, with no interactivity, and the human characters have no great distinction between them (Kartia doesn't have character classes like Mages or Archers--everyone draws from the same pool of weapons and spelts, making them very generic).


Kartia was developed with the promise that it'd be easier to get into than the deeper FF Tactics and Tactics Ogre. And, sure enough, the game's rock-paper-scissors combat is user-friendly yet still challenging to fans of this RPG subgenre. But your ability to create weapons, mix magic and monster types and preplan for battles means Kartia is anything but shallow. The Two-player options are a great perk--much better than TO's.


Kartia fooled me. At first I thought the game would be a standard strategy/RPG. I was wrong. It may not have the flashiest of graphics or the most well-written dialogue, but the story is engaging, the music is great and the battles are challenging. The Vs. Mode is the game's best feature. All games of this sort should have a Two-player Mode like Kartia's. No, Kartia isn't the best game in its genre but it's one to seriously look into.


If you liked Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre, Kartia should be right up your alley. Thanks to the simplicity of the battle system (it's not too simple, but it's much less complex than either of the above two games), it's really easy to get into Kartia, and the story (actually two stories) will keep you hooked. The 2? battle is a nice addition, and the Amano art is gorgeous (the man's a genius). This is the next step for FFT fans.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Kartia (previously titled Rebus) is a new strategy RPG by the creators of Revelations: Persona, and it already looks like a serious threat to the current kings of fantasy warfare, Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Karte Blanche

The peaceful and extremely prosperous world of Rebus is under attack by thieves, and only you and your army have the strength to stop them. Your power and special items come from a mysterious card known as Kar-tia. Using the card enables you to create unique armor, weapons, monsters, and magic, all of which are designed to help your soldiers achieve victory. Other exciting features in the game include the ability to use memory cards to trade items with your friends, a two-player mode where each person can use the weapons and items they've collected during one-player games against each other, and two separate story lines that depend upon which character you assume.

Phantom Fighting

Fighting enemies in Kartia is a different monster than in other RPGs. Because there are so few swords and arrows to be found on the battlefields, your army must instead use phantoms as its weapons. Three phantom groups--Common, Doll, and Shadow--dominate the game, each with its own strengths and weaknesses when up against the other phantom types. For example, Doll phantoms fight strongly against Shadows but are vulnerable to Commons, while Commons work well against Dolls but get their butts whipped by Shadows. Cool gameplay elements like this could make Kartia one of the most unique RPGs coming out this year.

Kartia, the fun, new fantasy warfare game from the creators of Revelations: Persona, adds some unique twists to the strategy genre while offering the same great gameplay originally established in Final Fantasy Tactics. Casual fans might find the pace a bit slow and the characters dull, but strategy buffs will dig the interactive environments, monster creation, and engaging two-player fights.

The Battle Begins

In Kartia, a band of thieves is terrorizing your world and it's up to you and a special brand of magic (Kartia) to stop them. The game plays like Final Fantasy Tactics (characters plod around on gridded maps and must defeat enemy units to continue to the next area), but has a few added bonuses. Kartia's maps are not only much larger than FFTs, but the terrain is also fully interactive and a critical part of each battle: You use magic to freeze rivers, raise or lower the ground level, and burn trees to help your troops gain

Kartia has also provided a new element to the tactics/strategy genre: A two-player versus mode where gamers can use characters and weapons from their one-player games to battle in a variety of scenarios. Whether you're attempting to cross an enemy-filled river in under 10 turns or storming your opponent's fortress, the two-player game is exactly what strategy fans have been drooling for. Other cool gameplay and control elements unique to Kartia include trading special items with friends using memory cards and the ability to create your own weapons, monsters, magic, and armor using the mysterious powers of Kartia.

Spells and Sounds

Although the graphics include solid character details (correct weapons in hands, and funny facial expressions while being clobbered), the spells and attacks aren't as visually stunning overall as those found in Final Fantasy Tactics. Kartia's terrain is well detailed, but poor effects (like blocky moving rivers) take away from the enjoyment of the game. Audiowise, Kartia's score is fair but not memorable, while the sounds of battle fail to capture the chaos of the moment.

Mind Over Magic

If you're a role-playing freak who enjoys strategically moving troops on maps and fighting wars with your mind, Kartia is the perfect game for you. It's not quite as good as Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre, but the two-player mode and unique features make it worth the price of war...or a weekend rental.


  • Use magic attacks to strike your enemy from a distance without giving him the chance to retaliate.
  • If you're getting beat, withdraw your main characters from the action and regroup by creating new phantoms.
  • If an enemy Is shooting artillery at you from the top of a hill, use earth class magic to lower the ground.
  • Send the Mordere Phantoms in front of your troops to blast enemy frontlines.
  • Split your phantoms into two groups to attack cornered opponents from both sides.

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