Kyouko-Sama wants to get Laid

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a game by Hurricane Dot Com
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Kyouko-Sama wants to get Laid
Kyouko-Sama wants to get Laid
Kyouko-Sama wants to get Laid
Kyouko-Sama wants to get Laid

I just love the title of Kyouko-Sama wants to Get Laid as it just does not screw around and gets straight to the point and that is awesome. As you have probably guessed this is a lewd game and one that is pretty hardcore! I will say that the game is all in Chinese so do not expect to be following the plot, but you get the basic idea from the description and the title so it is still perfectly playable. From what I understand there is a translation floating around out there, but I could not get it to work, still, it could be worth trying out.

Money Makes The Girl Go Around!

Ok, so I could not exactly follow the plot, but I can tell you the premise of what Kyouko-Sama wants to Get Laid and it is pretty funny. We have this hot chick called, Kyouko Adachi and she is in a bit of a pickle. She needs money to pay her bills and she decides that the best way to get money fast is to use her awesome body, big boobs, and lewd attitude to whip the guys of her town and school into a frenzy so that they will give her money.


I have to say that I love the pixel-art style they have gone for here in this game. I tend to find that pixel-based lewd games tend to be hit or miss, but Kyouko-Sama wants to Get Laid is 100 percent a hit. I love the way that she looks, she is super-hot and has a fantastic level of animation to her when she is conducting all of her lewd activities.

The way that guys will watch on as she pleasures herself is pretty fun and she is not shy about using toys or getting others involved. The thing I found most impressive is that her character model is nice and large, lewd pixel-based games tend to have smaller characters, but that is not the case here at all.

To The Left!

The gameplay of Kyouko-Sama wants to Get Laid is very simple and even without fully understanding things, I was able to get through it. You click on the screen and she will move in that direction. When you come across more and more people, you can start to masturbate in front of them!

The goal is to earn money and when you earn money you can take part in this odd card style game where you can unlock new outfits. I will admit I had no clue what I was doing here, but I clicked on a few cards and managed to get her to change her outfit. It is pretty basic from a gameplay point of view, but I found myself enjoying what I was experiencing.


I think that Kyouko-Sama wants to Get Laid is a fun game and had I been able to get the translation patch to work, I feel I probably would have scored it half a point higher. Sure, it is very basic in terms of the gameplay, but I found it to be a fun experience while it lasted, and that amazing pixel-art that the game has kept me wanting to play for just a little bit more to see what she would get up to next.


  • I love the crazy premise of this game
  • It has some of the best lewd pixel-art I have seen in a while
  • I liked how large the characters were
  • Tons of different sexual things for her to do


  • I could not get the translation patch to work so it was all in Chinese
  • There is not a great deal to the gameplay so not sure how long it will stay fun

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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