Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

a game by Sega, and Arc Developments
Genre: Action
Platforms: Sega Master SystemSega Master System GameGear
Editor Rating: 8.7/10, based on 5 reviews
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Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

Mickey sets out to conquer another world...the Sega 8-Bit world. Much of the theme from this game has been lifted from the Genesis version as Mickey tries to make his way through the gauntlet of dangers and obstacles that await in each round. Using special attack techniques can get Mickey through the hard times, but only a skillful hand will get our hero past all the challenges.

People say:


Every once in a while Sega manages to deliver the goods and really get us to thinking how archaic the Master ^ System really is. Mickey looks decent for 8-Bit and more importantly this title has a good balance of game play to make the whole thing worthwhile. Congratulations SMS owners!


Mickey scores another hit for Sega! This is a good example of a game that doesn't have to have tons of memory or a 16 bit processor to be good. Mickey animates well, the quest is challenging and, best of all it is fun to play. The SMS can use more carts like this.


8-Bit Mickey is every bit as good as the Genesis version. Colorful graphics and good music with excellent game play. Different levels than the 16-Bit and a variety of power-ups make this a SMS cart you shouldn't miss. This should hold those waiting for Fantasia.


EXCELLENT!! And who thought the SMS was dead?!? Anyone with any decency should get this game! The graphics are marvelous. The music is stupendous. The control is amazing. This game is almost every bit as good as the Genesis version! Nuff said!!

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Game Reviews

The latest of Sega's great Mickey Mouse games, Legend of Illusion includes a healthy dose of hop-n-bop play through eight levels populated with cutesy Disney characters. To add interest, Sega introduces some puzzle elements.

Mickey moves fairly well, though the controls are somewhat limited: Mickey has more than two moves, but the Game Gear has only two buttons.

Although larger sprites would have been nice, Legend of Illusion's graphics are Disney quality all the way. The sounds are standard for the Game Gear.

This game's challenge is pretty Mickey Mouse. Unlike some prior Disney games, it's a breeze for anyone but beginners. It's worth playing, however-the fun's no illusion.


  • When you find air In Level 4, bob up and down until the afr meter is filled.
  • In the Crystal Forest, use the triangular crystal to create a path upward.

People say:


Sega seems to make every addition to this series even better than the last. The colors are crisp, and the screen is clear. It's very easy to see the action, too. It controls very well, and I was most impressed by all the details that filled each level. It seems that the programmers took some time on this one. Action gamers and Disney fans alike should check out this outstanding game.


Mickey just keeps getting better. Even though it seems Sega has released every Mickey game possible, they seem to be able to make each new game just as enjoyable as the previous games. Mickey sports excellent graphics, challenging levels and a fun factor that's not common in many other games. Although the sound is weak, it still doesn't detract from yet another great Mickey title.


Legend of Illusion comes out as one of the better games for the GG. Not being a portable game fan. I really enjoyed this game. Graphically, it is very good. On the audio side, it is also just as impressive with whimsical tunes that really bring out the Disney kid in you. As far as playability. Mickey is easy to control, and anyone should be able to pick this game up and get into it. I like this game.


Game Gear games seem to be getting better every time I look at them, and here is the proof. This game plays wonderfully and almost has the looks and playability of a 16-Bit game. I like all the Mickey games, from their cute graphics to the loads of technique. Even on the GG, the crisp color of the characters and tons of interaction keep you impressed. Young or old, this is great for long trips.

Something strange is happening around the kingdom. Crops are withering and dying, and the people are becoming very worried. King Pete has been told that he must find the Water of Life to solve the problem. He is cowardly and selfish though, so he sends Mickey the laundry boy instead. Playing as Mickey, you decide to seek out another king to ask for help. Travel from the Kingdom of Goofy to Duckingham Palace using your brains and bubbles to reach your goal, only to discover that both of these kings are missing. What can a lowly laundry boy do? It is up to you to guide Mickey through the land and find the Water of Life. If you fail, the kingdom will be doomed. Only you can save it now.


New puzzle ideas and fun characters make Mickey a great game to play.


This game has choppy movement when jumping up or down a level.


Have you ever seen King Pete when he's upset? Not a pretty sight.


Mickey is back for his third and last adventure in the Illusion trilogy. This time, he finds himself in a dimension of danger where, as temporary king, he races to save the Tree of Life and free his kingdom from the Dark Shadow being cast over the land. Join Donald Duck, Goofy and others in enthralling action that will have you battling weasel bandits, wild fish, cave-creatures and sand sharks. Solve mind-wracking riddles, discover hidden powers and meet wise magicians in the captivating tradition of Disney. This title is for the Game Gear, and should be available in January of 1995.

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