Medal of Honor: Frontline

a game by Electronic Arts
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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Continuing with the Medal of Honor series, EA has released its latest addition, Medal of Honor: Frontline. Set around the battles of World War II, EA once again delivers an experience that brings the war to your living room. Starting with the battle on the shores of Normandy, you'll quickly find yourself absorbed in the various missions as the Nazi advance is slowly repelled. With a number of different weapons at your disposal and the Allies supporting when they can, it's not long before you find yourself in a critical position to help ensure the victory of this war and change the course of history.

Medal of Honor: Frontline is the first release of the series on a next generation console and as expected, the graphics in particular have received a substantial facelift over its predecessors. Besides the graphics, other areas like sound effects where gunfire and explosions sound realistic are also welcome bonuses as you'll even notice the Nazis speaking in German. Other issues like soldiers reacting accurately to the location of a wound and opposing soldiers showing cunning by timing their attacks or running to an empty machine gun nests also creates a more realistic battle. The only issue that can cause some initial frustration is the controls. Especially when firing at an enemy up close, the crosshairs can be difficult to keep from jerking and can cause repeated misses of the target. Although the problem lessens after the first few missions and you get more comfortable with the controls, it can still cause some frustration from time to time.

Even though the controls carry a learning curve, Medal of Honor: Frontline still excels in a number of other areas and getting accustomed to the controls doesn't take long. In addition, a progressive story line will keep you interested in completing each mission and see the results of your victory. Overall, fans of first person shooters or war games will enjoy this game but since the controls aren't smooth and require some skill to operate, others may not have the patience to master it.

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