Men In Black II: Alien Escape

a game by Infogrames
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 4.0/10 - 1 vote
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Men In Black II: Alien Escape
Men In Black II: Alien Escape
Men In Black II: Alien Escape
Men In Black II: Alien Escape

People say:


This is a shock. Although I've often prayed for a good 3D Contra game, I never thought those prayers would be answered by the Men In Black. Yup. Swap out Contra's bandanna-ed freedom fighters with men dressed in suits, switch the perspective to a 3rd-per-son view, and you'll find that the sum total of this particular equation equals MIB2. Sure, the game versions of Agents Jay and Kay aren't exact clones of the movie's Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones, but it's a crime you won't notice once the air starts filling with hot plasma. As with Contra, you have access to a wide variety of guns, each with its own unique properties (lock-on shots, spread-shots, area-effect grenades, etc.), but these are upgradeable to an impressive degree. Not happy with the peppy lock-on laser you start the game with? Pick up a few upgrade tokens and you'll be firing bigger, phatter trails of plasma in no time! Furthering the joy is the most sensible control scheme I've ever tried in a 3rd-person shooter. Sometimes the strafe-heavy nature of the action makes maneuvering in tight corners a camera-angle nightmare, but the thrill of pumping alien ass full of photon more than makes up for it The orgy of lighting and particle effects doesn't hurt either, and aliens have this excellent habit of erupting in a gooey fart of red/green mist when shot. Although it's repetitive (and short), as action games go, MIBs: AE is excellent old-school, hardcore fun.


James obviously got way more into MIB2 than I did. The game's not award-worthy, but it has a definite charm. MIB2 is the 3D shooter fans of 2D gunners like Contra and Gunstar Heroes may actually enjoy. The levels are too drawn-out and repetitive, and I don't realty care for the theme, but underneath it's a no-bull shooter steeped th classic gameplay juices. I love seeing a powered-up blaster fill the screen with green goo and surveying the alien dead when the plasma settles. And the simple but stylish graphics work well without hindering the animated action not for everyone, but it's great for a fun, exhilerating rental.


Ugh. This game is incredibly frustrating. Prepare to play the first level of MIB2 at least ten times before finishing it, and it's not a short, fun level--it's a 30-minute snooze-a-thon packed with repetitive monsters and bland, crate-filled environments. Seriously, this game is so unbelievably difficult that I'm not sure how it passed testing. Some nice visual touches like flashy guns! and exploding goo impress, but overall, the graphics are merely average. Add to the mix some cut-rate sound-alike actors, slippery control and long load times, and you've got a rental at best. Contra in 3D? Uh, no. Wait for the real new 2D Contra later this year.

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Playstation 2

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Based on the newly released movie, Men In Black II: Aliens Attack is a third person shooter that follows either Kay or Jay through their extra terrestrial encounters as they protect Earth. This time however, a new danger has arisen as a penal ship carrying some of the galaxy's most notorious criminals has crash-landed in the ocean. With all of the alien criminals escaping, time is of the essence as Kay and Jay must round up these fugitives before they cause havoc all over the Earth.

Men In Black II: Aliens Attack attempts to bring us into the Men In Black universe but falls short in a number of key areas. To start, the game is mindless. The AI is extremely weak, as enemies don't do much besides fire at you. They don't hide, regroup, or otherwise use any strategy to attack and consequently it doesn't require you to use much strategy when engaging them. Mostly you'll walk through the levels firing at anything that moves until all the enemies are destroyed. The bosses actually invoke the need to use some skill but generally just a bit of movement and firing your weapon will take care or most opponents. Other issues like marginal graphics and audio with dialog that makes you cringe doesn't help the game overcome its other deficiencies while generally adding disappointment.

Although it does retail for $30 instead of the standard $50, even $5 for a rental may leave most wishing a different game was selected. With a great license like Men In Black, you would hope more time would have been given for development as a reasonably designed AI would have changed the outcome of the game.

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