Military Madness

a game by Hudson Soft
Platform: PC Engine
Editor Rating: 5.3/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
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Military Madness
Military Madness
Military Madness
Military Madness

Military Madness is an advanced strategy war simulation set on the surface of the moon. Allied and Axis armies are fighting for control of the lunar surface and the riches contained therein. Besides the two armies' armored weapons, neutral factories can also be captured for even greater stockpiles of artillery, tanks, and infantry. It's all-out war and only one side can succeed in this graphically enhanced simulator.

People say:


This is one of the most unique and addictive games I've ever played. MM isn't a game as you know it, but a strategy contest that puts you in command of an entire army. All the strategic elements are handled by the system. Don't pass this game up, even if you're not typically a fan of war games.


While no where near as involving and complex as its computer cousins, MM still has all of the basic theory and strategy packed into the cart. It's a worthy opponent, even for the war gaming experts - and you don't have to wait for computer responses. I like the idea behind this one a lot.


An excellent strategy game that resembles the hexagonal board games or Desert Commander for the NES - only with 16-Bit graphics and sound! Plenty of thought must be used to overcome the enemy forces, a unique and fun change from the quick reflexes needed to win most battles.


This game is a little more than your typical board game simulation. The lunar setting sets it apart immediately, and the great graphic battles make it very fun to watch. More control over the battles may have been a nice option, but as it stands you get a very fun-to-play game.

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PC Engine

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

It's the twenty-first century! The moon and all of her vast resources have become mankind's new frontier. However, Earth's greediest nations have united to form the Axis Empire, bent on controlling the Moon's resources for their own twisted purposes. On April 6,2089, the Axis declared war on all of the other nations on Earth. They're using the Moon's resources to develop new and deadly weapons, including the supreme atomic missile-S.A.M.-which could destroy the Earth and all of her people. But you're not going to let that happen! As head of the Allied Powers you must stop the imperialistic Axis powers, and free the captured Allied leaders before it's too late.

Moon Madness

In order to stop the Axis you'll have to conquer the Moon fa the Allies. As supreme military commander, you control all aspects of the war. You'll do this by using your knowledge of military tactics, strategies, and weapons to rescue prisoners and destroy the Axis forces as you le d the Allies to victory. Onscreen displays and maps the lunar terrain help you monitor unit strength and casualties, scan the terrain, and deploy your fighting forces.

Military Madness is an epic struggle consisting of 32 stages. Each stage ends with the capture or the complete destruction of enemy units. If you suffer defeat, don't worry; at the start of each stage you'll get a password so you continue the war.

Prepare To Attack

To prepare for battle you'll develop strategy using conventional warfare tactics and deploy your units, which consist of various tanks, aircraft, armed vehicles, transporters, and foot soldiers.

Each unit has different abilities, such as mobility, defensive strength, ground attack strength, and range. Some specialize in anti-aircraft weapons and tactics. You'll need to lea'rn how to best use these abilities and exploit the weaknesses of your enemy.

With each turn you either move a unit or attack an enemy. The Axis army is no pushover and makes counterstrokes against your moves. When you attack, the computer conducts the fight and displays the outcome onscreen. Your attacking unit's experience, the position of your other forges against the enemy, the terrain, and even luck all determine the outcome of the battle.

Making War

Once the fighting begins, the scenario can go something like this. You scan the terrain and discover that the Axis Empire has already been alerted to your presence and has positioned 32 armies for their defense. The fighting begins and you plan your strategy with the knowledge that you've got to make every move count -either to rescue your prisoners or to demolish small forefronts to win the battles and the war. Before you advance your units you scan your operation map to plan your attack. Study the Moon's terrain, and you II find that it consists of deserts and roadways, as well as mountains and valleys.

Use the lunar landscape to your advantage when you position yoi units. Now you Send your Polar tanks out to converge in battle with the ene; my's fleet of soldiers. Before the onslaught begins you notice that your tanks have the greater attack power and defense ability. The soldiers destroy two of your Polars but you retaliate and leave three retreating soldiers. Now you must direct your tanks back to your factory for repairs. Halfway through the battle you notice that all of your foot soldiers have been slaughtered. Now you know the only way to win this battle is to annihilate all of the enemy's units. Only your strategic planning and quick thinking can get you past this enemy battle front.

Return to the Scene ot the Battle

If you do survive this battle, prepare for the next stage where you'll encounter differentand stronger enemy units. You'll fight many campaigns before you win this war and claim victory over the Axis Empire.

Military Madness is a game that puts you in exciting and unpredictable strategic combat situations. Terrific stereo sound, realistic battle simulations, and awesome graphics are only a few of the reasons why Military Madness is an interesting addition to any TurboGrafx collection. If you should have to retreat from battle, don't forget the words of General MacArthur, "I shall refurn..."


  • Keep your anti-aircraft units beltind your frontline of battle.
  • Keep passwords handy tor future battles.
  • Use any type ol tank to combat units that have zero ground attack strength.
  • For a quick win, try to use your transporters to carry your troops to the enemy prison.
  • Always use loot soldiers to cross valleys.
  • If an enemy unit is unfamiliar to you, use the manual to look at the unit's statistics before you make a costly mistake!
  • When your urflts descrease in number guide them to your factory to increase their numbers. Be the first to capture a neutral base to bse the stored units.

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