Moorhuhn Kart 3

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a game by Phenomedia AG
Platform: PC (2007)
Editor Rating: 6.5/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Moorhuhn Kart 3
Moorhuhn Kart 3
Moorhuhn Kart 3
Moorhuhn Kart 3

You take one look at Moorhuhn Kart 3 and you probably think that this is going to be some kind of shovel-wear garbage. Well, to be fair, this is not horrible and I have certainly played way worse kart racers than this one! It is kind of crazy that this franchise has been going so long and this chicken has been in different game genres and they are still pumping them out to this day! I had a bit of time to kill and was in the mood for a kart racer, so I thought that I would give this a try.

Chickens Going Crazy

One of the things that may make Moorhuhn Kart 3 seem a bit confusing to you is its name. While I know this as Moorhuhn, Crazy Chicken is also what this series is known as in other parts of the world. From what I have seen, the games are always the same, just the title of them is different. It is just mind blowing when you go down the rabbit hole of this franchise and see just how many of these games there are! Hey, someone must be buying them if they keep pumping them out right?

Stepping Things Up!

One of the things that I get a kick out of with Moorhuhn Kart 3 is that the game has a fun sense of humor. I could imagine kids getting a big kick out of Crazy Chicken and the rest of the gang. Add to that the fact that this game has a time travelling gimmick to it and you have a kart racer that has way more variety than you would think. I am not sure I would say it is a million times better than the last game, but I do think that the time aspect gives the game more personality as the tracks feel more fun and varied in comparison to what came before this.

Taking It To The Tracks!

Do not expect a fleshed out experience with Moorhuhn Kart 3 as you get with a Mario Kart 64 or a Sonic Racing game. We have a handful of tracks in the game, eight, but they all have their own “time” theme and to be fair, these are fairly long tracks. However, with that being said, I actually think that I would have preferred if there were 16 tracks that were half the length of the ones we got. Hey, I applaud the creativity used on the tracks, but the length of them can be an issue, there was one time on one of the tracks that I was racing on for the first time where I was legit mind blown over how long each lap was! ]

Fully Functioning

Moorhuhn Kart 3 gives you a selection of Crazy Chicken characters to race as. There are hazards that you can utilize and there is even a multiplayer mode. They did increase the characters in a race to six which is neat. Look, this game plays I would not say “good”, but it does not play badly. It works well enough, you always feel like you are in control of your kart and it can be a fun experience. It is just that it does not really do anything that would make you want to play this over one of the other much better kart racers.


I do have to say that Moorhuhn Kart 3 is way better than I thought it would be. The game is fun and the Crazy Chicken thing is something that I do find kind of funny. However, there is no universe where I would say that playing this over Mario Kart is a thing. Even if you are not playing on a Nintendo system, you still have far better kart racers such as the Sonic series, Crash Team Racing and I cannot believe that I am going to say this, but the Nickelodeon Kart Racers series too! Yet, even with me saying that I still had some fun with this, I just do not think I will ever play it again!


  • It is part of the Crazy Chicken series
  • You have a kooky selection of characters to play as
  • The racing through time gimmick of the tracks is cool
  • To be fair, the game controls well enough and it can be fun


  • There are so many better kart racers than this one!
  • While it is not a bad game, it does not have much content or give you a reason to come back

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Moorhuhn Kart 3 is a racing arcade where you can compete for the title of the best racer in the animal races. Choose your racer, customize your car and go to the track, where it's every man for himself. Over eight track types, bonus improvements and multiplayer add to the excitement of the game. Hop in the car and race to meet the craziest elimination races.

Pluses of the game:

  • Eight unique tracks with their own features
  • Ten kinds of upgrades for foul play
  • Single and multiplayer modes

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