Moto Racer 3

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a game by Delphine Software
Platform: PC
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Moto Racer 3
Moto Racer 3
Moto Racer 3

Unusually for EA, a respectable amount of time has passed since the last Moto Racer game. Although we haven’t exactly been inundated with letters inquiring as to the progress of this third instalment, French veterans Delphine have, nevertheless, been beavering away to bring you the most complete version yet. While there hasn’t been a huge departure from the template of fast-moving two-wheeled vehicles, the ploy this time around has been to squeeze in as much diversity as possible. You know those variety packs of miniature cereals? Well, this is the motorbike game equivalent.

Crosstown Traffic

Road bikes have always been a staple of Moto Racer, and they are present and correct, enabling you to pilot a slew of vehicles over some detailed tracks. It’s a shamelessly arcade approach, and one that works well, making for some close races without the need for split-second braking.

Any fool can ride round a purpose-built track, but how would you fare in a busy city centre? More to the point, how would you cope in Paris, a city not renowned for its road safety record? MR3 (or Mister 3, as the logo has it) lets you find out, with a superbly realised Traffic mode. An idea that recently surfaced on the PS2 in the form of Burnout, it’s the same kind of deal here, although bikes are clearly more suited to weaving through heavy traffic, particularly in light of the wilfully erratic driving shown here. It’s a nerve-racking affair, with little time afforded to peruse the authentically replicated Parisian landmarks.


Another all-new mode is Trials, a sport that some of you may know through TV's Kickstart, and, of course, Junior Kickstart. Essentially it involves manoeuvring a bike over ludicrous man-made obstacles without putting your feet down or going arse over tit. As far as we know it’s never been seen in a game before, but it works surprisingly well, vaguely comparable to a platform game, albeit on a bike. Which just leaves motocross, which appears here in its outdoor, indoor and freestyle stunt guises. And we have to say that it’s as good as any motocross-specific game out there, boasting an excellent bike and rider model.

It’s testament to the game’s quality that all of the sections could have been expanded into fully-fledged games, as each mode feels complete. However, with only three tracks per discipline, there have to be question marks over the longevity, with little to aim for once everything has been unlocked. But if you’re considering buying a bike game, then this has to be an option, offering something for everyone.

Like the Radio Times, you never knew there was so much in it.

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