NBA Inside Drive 2000

a game by High Voltage Software
Platform: PC
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NBA Inside Drive 2000
NBA Inside Drive 2000
NBA Inside Drive 2000
NBA Inside Drive 2000

Most of you will probably be as excited about the release of a new baskett game as you would about a tiddlywink simulator. Well, you can go back to your comatose three-day test cricket and your Neighbours omnibus, because Inside Drive 2000 rocks big slam-dunking bells.

Like any other big sport sim, it has to face up to its EA equivalent, in this case NBA Live 99 and it does so admirably. There are a couple of features that haven't been included, such as the player editor and the three-point shoot-outs, but the game itself is so damn playable, you'll hardly miss them. The commentary is excellent for the first hour or so, then it becomes intermittently irritating and informative. Moreover, the animation of the players is superb, although they're not quite as life-like as they should have been. Even if you know nothing about NBA stars, you'll probably notice that Shaquille O'Neil's head is about double the size ot any well-proportioned person's.

What lifts NBA ID2000 above any other ping-pong with hoops effort is how easy it is to get your players to do what you want, even to the point of advanced tactics and combinations. Unlike footie games, once you've got possession, the ball is yours until you have a go at the points or do something stupid - there's none of that midfield tussle and constant tackling. As a consequence, play can build up slowly, and when both attacking and defending you are able to rely more on positional movement than on frantic button-bashing. The spectacular moves, the adrenalin-soaked battles in the dying seconds of a match and the sheer playability make this one of the most addictive conversions of any sport, and well worth getting -even if you already own NBA 99.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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