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a game by PF Magic
Platform: 3DO
Editor Rating: 6.5/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 2 votes
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PaTaank (pronounced "puh-tonk") is a rockin', rollin', high-tech pinball game. Actually, it's part pins, part roller coaster, and part music video gone mad! Imagine you're on a pinball board the size of your average city. Now imagine you're riding the ball!

Unidentified Silver Objects

In PaTaank, you guide weird flying-saucer-shaped doohickies (called pucks) in place of normal silver balls around pinball boards. Just like regular pinball, PaTaank's challenge never ends, and its action never stops.

You're only as good as the last puck you played, and the next puck could send your score right into the dumper. That's the beauty of the game.

PaTaank's simple but mesmerizing game play will keep you slammin' the controller forever. You play from a behind-the-puck perspective, and instead of using flippers, you punch a button to propel the puck or rotate it for better angles on shots.

As in traditional pins, you bounce like crazy off bumpers, ride ramps, power through tunnels, and slam into drop targets. You try to make skill shots to rack up points. All the while, gravity continually drags you toward a black-hole nemesis called the Drain.

Psychedelic Pinball

PaTaank's awesome graphics and sounds fry your senses with brilliant colors, weird lights, off-the-wall videos, weird aural effects, and rim-rockin' music. The game takes place on three wacky boards that roughly display imaginative surfer, circus, and apocalyptic motifs.

Never mind the impressive video shows displayed on the game-board monitors. Take a moment to appreciate the graphics-processing gymnastics necessary to create on-the-fly visuals of the first-person pinball view!

The sounds sizzle. The action's accompanied by plenty of bells and buzzes, and the music deserves its own CD!

PaTaank You Kindly

Pinball purists will tell you there's nothing like the tactile feel of pulling a plunger and punching flippers. But there's nothing like PaTaank, either.


  • In the Carnival O'Luv, quickly hit the Luv Meter after you ride the Tunnel O'Luv.
  • After you blow up Disaster Central in the Disaster Room, you must immediately hit the Ramp.
  • In four-player games, you can only max your points by lighting up letters that spell out the Room names.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Imagine pinball where you're the ball, and you might get an idea of what Pataank is like. Up to four players can compete for high scores in three wild-n-crazy pinball fields. The first-person perspective puts you down in the pinball field as you guide your punk into bumpers, ramps, shoots, drains, dingers, and more. Stereo tunes, sound FX, and 3D graphics round out the experience.

People say:


Pataank is a strange game. Either you'll like it or hate it. The graphics are good, and the sounds are nice Pataank has an original theme, and I like the way it plays. Don't be fooled. It is Pinball. so don't expect a lot of different things to happen during the course of the game. Pataank should be tried before you get it. I enjoy this title a lot. but the final decision is left up to you. Pataank is a really neat concept.


Great concept but hard to play. Pinball in a 3-D world sounds great, but when you're zipping around the screen, everything scrolls very choppy, making the experience a real test for your eyes. I do love, however, the way they set you up for each level with a specific objective, but trying to maneuver around the board is a chore. Pataank did nothing for me but pinball fanatics may find more to like than I did.


Normally, I like pinball games, arcade or video, but Pataank just failed for me I will give it points for the original idea of a first-person view of the ball and the graphics were very good. There were different boards, too, but even with those. I got bored very quickly. And with the various full-motion video throughout the layout, the game just got monotonous and I didn't care to play any longer. For hard-core pinballers.


It is surprising to see a pinball game in this 3-D type of format. I like pinball games but generally don't find them too good when they are made into video games. This one however, has an original look and does play pretty well. There aren't a lot of items to collect or power-ups. but you must remember that it's pinball after all. This game will appeal a lot more to hard-core pinball players than the average video game fan.

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