Quattro Arcade

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a game by Camerica
Genre: Action
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 2 votes
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Quattro Arcade
Quattro Arcade
Quattro Arcade
Quattro Arcade

CJ's Elephant Antic

CJ is a cute, little elephant who's been captured from the wild. He's en route to the zoo when his airplane accidently opens and he falls into Paris, France. Armed with only an umbrella, which he uses as his parachute, CJ attempts to make his escape by hopping and maneuvering around brick platforms and over walls in this four level, side-scrolling adventure.


  • Use your bomb on the animals below you, or on the ones that crowd ledges.
  • Don't stand near the edges of walls that are next to moving spikes. Jump over the spikes by leaping one brick away from the edge.

During his journey, CJ encounters pesky critters. He protects himself with 20 bombs and an unlimited amount of peanuts, which shoot through his trunk. Be warned: Most animal nuisances take at least two peanuts to "Pop".


Don't be deceived by this game's cartoony graphics. It's harder than it looks, and it's definitely not the easiest game to master in this game. Keep the cutesy twangy music down, and you'll have a fairly good time.

Stunt Buggies

The toughest game, Stunt Buggies, may send you round the bend. An inventor has given you a miniature buggy. When you hop in, a trap door opens and you're transported to strange new worlds.

Beware of the bombs picked out by the radar map in the lower right-hand comer. Evil vehicles are waiting to run you over. It's best to steer clear if you don't need the power-ups that blast from the vehicles.

Cruise your buggy vertically and horizontally through flat, primary color, mazelike levels with an over-head view perspective. Your goal is to drive through each maze and collect enough bombs to clear the level. Unfortunately, you're not the only car on the road. Other vehicles gang up on you and send you into a tailspin.

When you go for the bomb on the far left edge of the maze in Level 1, run over the mushroom and then turn back. A vehicle will follow you. Dust him with your tailpipe smoke. If you're quick, you can run over him while he's confused and grab the bomb without taking any damage.

Buggy On Down

This game is more frustrating than fun. The music isn't exciting and your buggy doesn't always respond to your controls. You might want to ease on down the road to the other games.

F-16 Renegades

This shooter puts you behind the controls of an F-16 jet versus a megalomanic's army. Fly against helicopters, jets, tanks, battlements, and other combat machines. Your view of the action is from an overhead perspective. Fortunately, you have unlimited ammo to beat off a screen load of fighting vehicles.

The bright, cartoony graphics, don't give this vertically-scrolling shooter much of a military feel, but it does have the best sound of any of the Quattro Arcade games, mainly because there's no music! Cool sound effects of bullets firing and metal exploding are much more enjoyable. The major defect in this game is sprite slowdown, of which there's plenty when too many sprites crowd the screen.

  • To fly right through a level, stay to the far left of the screen and hold down Button A (the fire button). You'll reach the boss with at least one life left.
  • To beat the Level 1 boss, get on his tail and shoot. His bullets will fly right over you.


As a standalone shooter, this game wouldn't fly. However, it makes a good addition to round out this game.

Go! Dizzy Go!

Dizzy's arch enemy, the evil Wizard Zaks, kidnapped Dizzy's friends while they were picnicking. Now, Dizzy must defeat the wizard's maze and save his friends by collecting the food they've dropped throughout the game's five, dangerous levels.

Go! Dizzy Go! doesn't look, or play, anything like its Quattro Adventure predecessor. This colorful puzzler is fun! You view the maze from a straight-on view, much like you would a puzzle in a newspaper. The controls guide Dizzy smoothly through five blocky worlds filled with stinging enemies. You can push some blocks to move them, but you must move around others. Be careful, however, because enemy creatures are lurking nearby as well.

  • If you get the flashing fruit in the right order, you'll double your points.
  • Don't grab the spiral power-up. It makes the blocks dissolve quickly, which is not necessarily what you want. You may need to use some blocks to trap enemies instead of killing them.

Dizzy is one lucky embryo, because these mazes are filled with power-ups. He even gets a bonus round after every stage, which just racks up the points.

Sunnyside Up

This version of the standalone game stands up to its overseas popularity. It may not be a tough egg to crack, but its simple pleasures keep you addicted.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

Camerica has packed four enjoyable games into one cartridge. Explore a strange and mystical world with C.J. the elephant. Defuse bombs while avoiding spies in Stunt Buggies. Hit Mach 5 with F16 Renegade, and journey through a puzzling world with Go! Dizzy Go! Quattro Arcade's games adress four very different video themes. Everything from action to adventure to an intense shooter is packed into one cart!

Published and developed by The Codemasters Software Company Limited, Quattro Arcade was released in 1991. The Quattro series featuring 4 games on one tape: Grand Prix Simulator 2, Advanced Pinball Simulator, Fruit Machine Simulator, and 3D Starfighter.

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