R-Type Delta

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a game by Irem Corp.
Genre: Shooting Games
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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R-Type Delta
R-Type Delta
R-Type Delta
R-Type Delta

One of the most popular shooters gets its first 32-bit treatment with R-Type D (that's R-Type Delta, for those of you who don't read Greek). An import-only title (as of this writing), RTD keeps all the familiar elements of its previous titles, adding stellar new looks and sounds. If you're a shooter fan who's mastered the best in this PlayStation genre (like Einhander), RTD is well worth the extra dead presidents.

Shooters 101

RTD is a textbook 2D shooter: You'll blast enemies, collect power-ups, and decimate giant bosses. But R-Type goes beyond the standard formula with Force Device, a flying helper that you can use in a variety of creative ways by launching it at enemies or by mounting it on the bow or stern of your ship.

RTD is augmented by colorful details which fill the diverse stages without a trace of slowdown, while excellent sound effects match the graphics shot-by-shot. The music, despite some rousing early pieces, degenerates into annoying wannabe techno funk. Fortunately, tight multifunction controls keep the game flying high even as you're assaulted by wave after wave of kamikaze ships. Rounding out the fine features are polished Dual Shock effects.

Not Quite Perfect

The problem with RID is that its still an R-Type game. You don't play through the stages so much as you memorize them because enemies attack in the same pattern every time. This is one game you finish by repeating levels, not by using your trigger-finger skills. Ultimately, R-Type Delta may look spectacular, but it's the same old R-Type. And, true to the R-Type heritage, the game is very tough!


  • Mount the Force Device to the bow of your ship and use it as a battering ram to destroy enemies and to build up the Device's power.
  • When your Force Device's power is maxed out launch it at a big enemy and detonate.
  • Of the three ships, the R-13 is the best. Its Anchor Force Type latches on to bosses' weak spots and doesn't release until they're destroyed.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

While anxious shooter fans in the U.S. are eagerly awaiting the upcoming release of R-Types, Japanese gamers are already indulging in R-Type Delta, the series first console-exclusive sequel since the masterful R-Type III was released years ago for the Super NES.

Because we're short on space here, we're going to get right into the game's features. We'll be back with a more in-depth preview if and when the game is announced for U.S. release (it better be!).

First of all, there are three ships you can choose from: the R9a Delta (a modified version of the classic ship), the R13 (with its cool Anchor Force unit), and the RX (which sports a kick-ass Tentacle Force unit that practically has a mind of its own). Each ship has its own set of weapons, in addition to powerful Beam attacks (which you can charge up twice, like in R-Type III) and an all-new Delta Attack that charges up by absorbing energy from your enemies through physical contact with your Force Unit. You can now increase or decrease your speed at will, too (there are four levels in all).

R-Type Delta features Dual Shock support, the ability to save your play stats (higher scores and longer play times can open up hidden features and extra credits), and has seven beautiful stages to conquer. Hopefully someone will pick it up for U.S. release soon, because the game totally rocks. If you're an R-Type fan, you should seriously consider importing this baby. You won't be disappointed.

R-Type fans have a lot to be thankful for this year. As if the release of R-Types (the awesome retro compilation disc) back in February weren't enough, we're about to get an even better treat. This July, AGETEC (formerly Ascii Entertainment), is bringing home what is arguably the best R-Type game to date; the ass-kicking visual tour-de-force that took Japan by storm this past winter, R-Type Delta.

The immediately recognizable differences between R-Type Delta and past R-Type games are mostly aesthetic. The RTD engine is entirely 3D, and loaded with graphical splendor (this game has special effects up the wazoo), but the core gameplay remains 2D, as it always has been.

This time around, there are three different ships to choose from at the outset, each which has a different Force Unit (the little piece that attaches and detaches from the front of your ship) and a different set of weapons. The R9 is the classic R-Type ship, and features a Standard Force unit. Of the three ships, it's probably the most difficult to play through the game with. Next is the R13. It features an Anchor Force unit that maintains a stream of energy between the ship and the Force Unit (when it's detached) that'll destroy anything that comes in its path. Finally, there's the prototype RX ship, which has an awesome Tentacle Force unit that practically has a mind of its own. When detached, it will seek out and attempt to destroy just about anything that moves. There's a hidden fourth ship as well (the POW Armor--the ship that delivers your power-ups throughout the course of the game), but it doesn't open up until you fulfill certain requirements during the game. Each ship also has the classic Beam attack, which can be charged up to two times (just like R-Type III) to unleash an extremely powerful blast. Interestingly enough, the Speed power-up no longer exists in R-Type Delta. Instead, each ship has four speed levels that can be changed at any time with the Li and L2 buttons, making for even more in-depth gameplay.

Finally, each ship has a mega-powerful Delta Weapon attack which charges up by absorbing energy from your enemies through physical contact with your Force Unit. The results of these attacks are quite often spectacular--and very deadly.

RTD's seven stages can best be summed up in one word: hardcore. Old-school shooter fans who relish challenge and strategic gameplay will be in heaven when they get their hands on this gem in July. Welcome back, Bydo--we sure missed ya.

  • MANUFACTURER - Irem Software Eng.
  • THEME - Shooter

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