State of Decay 2

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a game by Undead Labs
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 6.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 3 votes
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State of Decay 2
State of Decay 2
State of Decay 2

When I heard that there was going to be a State of Decay 2, I was super pumped! The first game laid the groundwork for something that could have been truly amazing. While State of Decay 2 can be a fun romp through the zombie apocalypse many fans felt that it really did not do enough to really stand out.

You Know the Story

Like in the first State of Decay game, you can play as any of the survivors that you want and you can switch between them very easily. The characters in the game can often need to rest forcing you to do this or even worse they can die. This is something the game does quite well as you will get attached to certain characters and probably not want to put them in extremely dangerous situations. The story this time is that if the zombie apocalypse was not bad enough, now the zombies are supercharged thanks to these pods that turn them into more dangerous and red-eyed zombies that will infect you when they hit you. I feel this was a missed opportunity as it is far to easy to cure yourself when you are infected. Anyway, the story is about you finding and destroying these pods to stop what is called the Blood Plague.

Fun with Friends

I actually liked how the first State of Decay was a single player game. I guess I was in the minority though as multiplayer was the most requested feature for the sequel. State of Decay 2 allows for up to four players to work together in order to survive in the zombie apocalypse. It is actually a lot of fun and while you will be working together. You will also be shouting when one of your buddies tries to loot too fast and alerts a bunch of zombies to your location. While the idea of working together to survive is great. Many people have reported serious bugs with the multiplayer aspect of State of Decay 2. Ranging from frame rate issues, grenades blowing up in the wrong place and many other things so that is one thing to watch for.

Basic Base Building

Like before you will be required to set up bases so that the survivors have somewhere to go. I really feel that this is far too basic and quite often I found myself wishing that my bases could hold more stuff. It is very frustrating and I wish that there was no limit on the bases that you create in the game.

Clever Scavenging

State of Decay 2 will see you have to head out to get supplies. The game is actually quite smart with this. For example, if you need food, you know that a restaurant will have it. If you need gas, a gas station will have that. When you come across somewhere you can usually gauge what there will be inside of it. It makes a ton of sense and something that not many other developers would have done.

Beware the Undead!

The zombies in the game are like they were before, but there are the more special zombies are going to be what really test your limits. There are a few types of special zombies, but the big fat ones are the hardest to deal with. These guys are brutal and you will certainly want to make sure that you have plenty of ammo saved for when you encounter one. These guys do not mess around either and if they get their hands on one of your companions, they will literally rip them to shreds. It is actually a pretty cool effect and lets you know right away how dangerous these zombies are. As well as the zombies, you will also have to watch out for other people. You can work with these people, offering them supplies to leave you be. Or you can say, no and try to kill them, keeping all your supplies for your own people.

Mortal Zombie Kombat

The action in State of Decay 2 is actually quite simple. However, I will say that the combat is very, very satisfying. While you do have to worry about your stamina meter, when you get an attack just right and take a zombie’s head off in one swipe it feels awesome. Ammo is scarce and weapons can break so each time you come across a group of zombies, you are always worried about what can happen. One of the most fun ways to take out the zombie is in a car. While you have to worry about gas, it is a lot of fun to just plow through the zombies on your way to a drop off point or the next mission.


You have no idea how much I wanted to love State of Decay 2. It certainly is not a bad game by any means and I did have fun with it. However, I really feel that they could have done more to expand upon the first game. It just feels kind of flat and I can see most people losing interest way before they get to the end of it. Also, there are technical issues with the multiplayer that are still happening, nearly a year after the game launched.


  • The new zombies are cool
  • I love the idea of the blood plague
  • When it works as it should, multiplayer is great
  • The combat is super fun
  • Scavenging is very well done and also a lot of fun


  • The game feels rather flat and boring after a while
  • There are more than a few technical issues with the game

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Many felt that State of Decay 2 would be a smash hit. After all the first game was a lot of fun, but a bit rough in places. Still, the foundation was there for something special so many people thought that sequel could be pretty awesome. Well while the sequel is not “bad” it sadly did not live up to what many fans of the first game were hoping for.

The Story

State of Decay 2 has a really interesting idea for the story. There are multiple characters to play as like in the first game and this is something, I feel the game does very well. You switch to what character you want to play as at any given time. I find this interesting as some characters you will bond with more than others and there is no way in hell you are putting their life on the line for something like a supply run!

The idea of the story is that zombies have become even more dangerous. This is because of the Blood Plague. These pods have started to spawn and they are infecting the zombies and making them even more dangerous. It is even leading to more extreme zombie mutations. The main goal of the story is to try and stop the Blood Plague. I love this idea but feel they never really get too deep into it.

The Presentation

I do think that State of Decay 2 looks better than the first game. It is not going to win any best-looking game of the year awards or anything like that. However, it is a noticeable improvement over what the first game offered. One thing that they clearly put a lot of time into was the zombie designs. I love how gruesome some of the Blood Plague infected zombies are. Also, the buildings are a lot easier to spot this time around which comes into play more than you would think.

The Gameplay

The basic idea of State of Decay 2 is the same. While the Blood Plague may be what drives the story. Your survivors living another day is the ultimate goal and something that you can get quite heavily invested in. Once again you have to build a base, but I found this to feel rather basic. It is almost like they did not even try and expand on what the other game did. Most of the time I felt myself getting frustrated over not being able to store more items in my bases. Combat is just as much fun as it was in the first game and I like how limited things like ammo are. It makes the game tenser and also makes you think very carefully before you attack. I also like how there is car combat in this game. You can get behind the wheel of a car which is great for exploration, but you can mow down hordes of the undead which is a lot of fun.

State of Decay 2 introduced multiplayer. This allows you and three buddies to team up and try to survive in the zombie wasteland. I like the idea of this (even if I did like how the first game was single player) but the game really struggles when you have multiple players. There are all kinds of random glitches that can happen and it can get rather annoying.

Final Thoughts On State of Decay 2

For me, State of Decay 2 is one of those games that I so wanted to love. There are some great ideas here. For example, I love how if you find a gas station, you know there will be gas there or if it is a drug store, you know what supplies will be in there. That kind of stuff along with the Blood Plague is very clever. Overall though I just feel that they did not add enough to the core game to make it that much better than its predecessor.

Final Score: 7/10


  • Infected zombies are a lot of fun
  • The story has a really cool concept
  • Combat is really exciting
  • Mowing down zombies in a car is neat
  • Scavenging for supplies is more fun than in the first game


  • Not enough improvements over the first game
  • Technical issues are in still in the game, even though it launched a few years ago

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