Street Cricket Champions 2

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a game by SCEE Studio London
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 8 votes
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Street Cricket Champions 2
Street Cricket Champions 2
Street Cricket Champions 2

If you ever played Street Cricket Champions 2 as a kid on PS2 or PSP, then get ready for a nostalgia trip because this game will take you back to your youth. It's fun, fast-paced, and just as good as it was almost 10 years ago when it was first released. Admittedly the graphics don't hold up to modern standards, but the gameplay more than makes up for it, so be sure to download Street Cricket Champions 2 and jump in whenever you get the chance, especially if you're a cricket fan.

Skill-based gameplay

The gameplay of Street Cricket Champions 2 relies on carefully executed button presses which put your skills and reaction time to the test. Games are played similarly to how they are in real-life cricket, with each team taking turns batting and bowling, but there are a few extra rules added given the street nature of the game, which you'll see when you play the game for yourself.

Though the game focuses on your own skills, be aware that you can boost your performance in the game by selecting a good team. Each team has skill ratings for batting, bowling, fielding, and overall playing, so if you pick a really good team, you’ll boost your chances of success dramatically as your team will be less likely to make mistakes.

The streets

Every round of cricket played in this game takes place in some kind of urban environment, whether that be a parking lot, the middle of the street, or even a rooftop. The game really does stay true to its name and it's great to see so many different street settings explored.

It’s also worth noting that these urban environments are located in a variety of countries! India, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom are just some of the many countries that you get to play in, all of which have their own unique environments.

The three main gamemodes

Much like its predecessor, Street Cricket Champions 2 features three main game modes for you to take advantage of called Exhibition, Tournament, and Street League. If you're just looking to play a quick game, then Exhibition is the one you'll want to go for. This mode lets you select a difficulty and customize a bunch of other options, so it's great for beginners to learn the ropes. On the other hand, if you're a bit more experienced and are prepared to battle it out against multiple opponents, you'll want to select one of the other two gamemodes.


Street Cricket Champions 2 is a great retro sports game that provides a lot of enjoyment with its arcade-style gameplay that’s somewhat reminiscent of Wii Sports. If you enjoy cricket and are looking for a way to kill some time at home, be sure to give this game a shot.


  • Fun arcade-style gameplay
  • Lots of teams and map locations to choose from
  • Plenty of customization options available in the Exhibition gamemode allowing you to personalize your experience


  • The graphics are very poor for a game released in 2012
  • The game could do with a few more gamemodes

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