Super Mario Galaxy

Download Super Mario Galaxy and join Mario on an interstellar adventure to save Princess Peach! Defy gravity, explore unique planets, and collect Power Stars to restore order to the cosmos. Blast off into fun and play now!
a game by Nintendo EAD
Platform: Wii (2007)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.2/10 - 89 votes
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Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy is another exciting entry in the 3D Super Mario platforming franchise, featuring a classic cast of Nintendo characters. This entertaining adventure takes Mario and his friends to a place that they've rarely gone before – space! After Bowser terrorizes the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnaps Princess Peach yet again, Mario is blasted into space and crash-lands on a small planet. In order to save Peach and the galaxy itself, Mario must team up with some new friends and explore the vast expanse of space. Like other 3D Mario games, Super Mario Galaxy provides players with numerous colorful worlds to explore, full of fun and interesting platforming challenges. With the addition of new power-ups, anti-gravity features, and wholly inventive level designs, Super Mario Galaxy offers a lengthy and top-quality adventure.

Main Game Features

  • Over 40 levels to explore
  • Addictive and simple controls
  • Playable in solo and two-player co-op


Super Mario Galaxy kicks off with Mario and his friends visiting Princess Peach during the Mushroom Kingdom's Star Festival. Held every 100 years, the Star Festival is a joyful time where everyone gathers together to watch passing comets and star showers. As expected, the evil Bowser shows up to ruin the fun, whisking away Princess Peach and her entire castle using a huge futuristic ship. Although Mario attempts to save Peach, he is attacked by one of Bowser's minions, sending him careening off the planet. Awakening in the middle of space on a small but humble planet, Mario meets a star-sprite and its owner, Rosalina. Due to Bowser's mischief, Rosalina has lost power to her star observatory, and agrees to help Mario on his journey. As Mario collects more and more stolen power stars, he and Rosalina inch closer to defeating Bowser once and for all.


While Super Mario Galaxy retains the classic formula of 3D Mario adventures, there have been many new mechanics and features introduced. The game's main hub is Rosalina's observatory, where Mario can visit several different domes, each sending him to a nearby galaxy. Galaxies contain a few different planets, each with its own missions to complete. There's a great variety of planets, ranging from ice-covered mammoths to tiny asteroid belts. You'll encounter plenty of huge boss fights, traverse risky platforming sections, and much more. All told, there are 120 power stars to collect, requiring you to complete some pretty tough challenges. Luckily, there are loads of new power-ups and abilities to help Mario on his quest.

First and foremost, players can collect small “star bits” scattered around the map, then shoot them at enemies using the Wii controller. A second player can join in on the game as well, but can only control the star bit cursor. Mario has all of his iconic moves from previous games, including the triple jump, long jump, and side-flip, but earns a few new abilities as well. The most useful addition is the spin, which can be used to attack enemies, solve puzzles, and navigate the environment. There are also several new suits for Mario to collect, such as the Bee suit, which allows him to fly and stick to walls. Levels mostly revolve around one or two gameplay concepts, so you'll never feel overwhelmed or confused at your objective.


Much like the other 3D Mario adventures, Super Mario Galaxy is an expertly polished family-friendly adventure that effortlessly guides players through one joyful stage after the next. It never spends too much time on one gameplay mechanic, offering a huge variety of levels that keep the experience refreshing. The new power-ups are tons of fun, the bosses are cool, and the platforming is top-notch.


Simply put, there's no greater platforming series than Super Mario, and Super Mario Galaxy continues to prove that point. Besides the lackluster co-op mode, Super Mario Galaxy is easily one of the best Nintendo games around.


  • Tons of variety in level design
  • Solid and satisfying movement
  • Colorful graphics and cheerful tone


  • Frustrating camera angles
  • Some levels are too challenging
  • Cooperative play gets boring quick

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

It’s a me! Mario!

This game takes massive inspiration from the previous games like Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64 with a 3D Semi-open world style. Super Mario Galaxy takes you to a Galaxy unexplored by Mario, the actual Galaxy.

It truly is out of this world!

The story of Super Mario Galaxy has a similar formula to all Mario games, save Princess Peach from Bowser which is the core story. It always seems to add that little difference within it. The difference in this game was that every 100 years a star festival will be held, cursing stars to fall onto planets, but all-stars have been stolen by bowser so the ship carrying the stars can’t be powered. So, your job is to get the stars to power the ship which will get you through the galaxy and save Princess Peach. A simple story but it’s still a very good one every time.

Mario looks good in every version.

The graphics are great and at the time in 2007, it was the best Mario has been shown graphically with cartoon 3D which we’ve all come to love. If you’re a Mario fan that is, but you must be right. The game cut scenes and play through all the game looks brilliant colourful and enjoyable with no two worlds looking the same. There were truly some dedicated animators behind every part of this game.

It will make you star-eyed.

The Gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy is a classic Mario game in classic Mario style, you’ve got the classic jump, the classic spin, you’ve got all the classic move sets, what Mario has become known and loved for. There’s more to this though as there are small worlds to have to navigate through which are detailed and have their puzzles to complete where you have to use these classic moves and some new ones too, to traverses to completely different areas at every new stage of the game. Meaning that you’re always on your toes and always surprised and waiting for what new thing pops up in the next stage of the game. It also adds a curser to the game, it was on the Wii, you could point with the curser to collect coin and to solve certain puzzles in the game. As well as this, it also changes up, as you finish the game with every possible collectable you unlock a new mode where you can play as Mario brother Luigi and with that different details and different speeds to his moves and jump height. There are subtle changes to the characters, but it does give a whole different feel playing as Luigi.

It’s a star and a half.

Super Mario Galaxy is an arming game that has every perfect it didn’t change too much to a beloved character like Mario and it changes just the right amount to give you the best experience which feels fresh and different from other Mario games.

Nintendo's mascot sure has gotten the shaft during the company's last two console launches (his bro stole the GameCube spotlight in Luigi's Mansion, and then some mute elf took the Wii center stage in Twilight Princess). But when you're about to go intergalactic like the plumber intends to here, maybe some extra prep time isn't a bad thing.

Thanks to the Wii's funky new control scheme, this Super Mario takes the hop-and-bop platformer formula and wonderfully rewrites it. You'll use the Wii-mote to interact with these high-in-the-sky backdrops in all sorts of crazy ways, such as waggling it to hurl yourself from planet to planet and using the onscreen cursor to snatch items far out in the Milky Way. The dev team is even tinkering around with how using this joypad in tandem can enhance multiplayer (they've mentioned how one person could move Mario with the Nunchuk, while another provides aid with the Wii Remote).

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