Super Turrican

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a game by Imagineering Inc., and Factor 5
Genre: Action
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 3 reviews, 6 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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If you played Turrican on some other video game system, you're gonna be blown away! The best in side-scrolling action just hit the SNES. It's Super Turrican, and if you want game play with awesome intensity and a perfect merging of sound and graphics, you've gotta get this game!

Turrican Can

Super Turrican by Seika is a single-player, side-scrolling action/adventure game that goes completely seismic the minute you fire it up. You start off as Turrican, a space ranger who is answering a cry for help from the planet Landorin. The brave people there defeated an evil satellite/moon called "The Machine," but its mutants and malevolent robots continue to spread tyranny across the planet's surface. The Landorins need help from a courageous hero... you!

You blast your way through five Worlds (each with multiple levels) in order to restore peace to Landorin. You invade a treacherous snowy paradise, an underground hell swarming with mutant creatures, a factory whose workers have a devilish purpose in mind (and it ain't assembling cars), and a freaky, alien- infested spaceship. Keep a sharp eye out for the entrances to a mess of secret levels, too!

ProTip: You can stomp some enemies by repeatedly jumping on their heads. This is especially useful in the alien level, which has pods everywhere.

Manhandle the Machine

Super Turrican will give you one of the worst beatings of your video game life. The Machine's minions come at you by air, sea, and land. You even have to put up with the elements in a few stages, where constantly changing winds and snowstorms hinder your progress. You fight mutant plants, snowball-rolling beasts, gigantic fish, dog-like aliens, and a gruesome assortment of deadly robotic creatures, including mechanical bees, sentry robots, and huge fire-spitting robot guardians. Waiting for you at the end of each world are some of the biggest, baddest bosses to ever infest the SNES, such as the giant, mechanical fist and a angry mother alien. At least the game /gives you a fighting chance against these formidable foes by equipping you with effective weapons. You get a Gun, a Freeze Ray, and three screen-clearing Zap bombs. You can also spread mini-bombs across the floor. The game can't, however, help you generate skill and luck.

You soup-up your gun by shooting at Pods that release weapon power-ups, including a laser, powerful energy spheres, and a three-way shot. You can also grab Hearts that restore energy to your life meter (which takes a serious licking) and, of course, lots of 1-ups.

If an extra Turrican looks inaccessible, try jumping and shooting in midair to activate Pods. Use them like "stepping stones". If that doesn't work, try jumping through walls or even through pipes in the factory stage.

Turrican's controls are crisp and amazingly simple. The Y button shoots, B jumps, X fires the Freeze Ray, and A ignites Zap bombs.

Super Graphics & Sound

One characteristic common to all classic games is seamless interaction between graphics and sound. Well, the graphics in Super Turrican are amazing! Every color is vivid and alive, and the sprites are small but fast. All the enemies are well detailed, and the huge bosses look fantastic! The game has a great depth to it, too, with a 3-D feel that is especially apparent in the winter scenes, where the lush backgrounds scroll beautifully.

In scenes were the winter wind blows, the gusts can actually carry you to the next level. Wait until you see the snowflakes change direction, and then jump.

The sounds in Super Turrican will amaze you as well. The game is presented in Dolby Surround Sound with sampled music striking every chord and every note clearly. All the sound effects, from the gun firing to the explosions, are nicely complimented by a rich and moody music score. You gotta hear it to believe it.

To strip the gears of the Factory Boss, jump and shoot until his head turns, then use the lower-left comer to escape his bombs. Repeat the process until you are victorious.

Turrican Time

If you like your action hot and heavy, Super Turrican delivers. Secret levels and hidden bonuses ensure that the fun never stops. This is one of those rare games where you discover something new each time you play. That makes the challenge suitable for beginners and advanced players. Will you beat the Machine? If you can't, Turri-can!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

The classic shoot-a-thon is now coming to the NES. Just like its bigger brother on the Super NES, this one has plenty of action and enough power-ups to tilt a camel. It's an all-out assault against an impending alien invasion, with your powerful android about to take it all on. Collect icons to gain massive firepower and shields. Storm a variety of battlegrounds filled to the brim with aliens. Oh what fun!

8-Bit Turrican at its finest! You are heavily armed combat cyborg who must eradicate mass forces of enemies. To do so, you are equipped with a plenitude of destructive items. The action is rough, and even the most experienced player will cringe at the sheer might of the enemy forces. Super Turrican is one of the tougher action games to ever reach the NES.

While lacking the graphics and sounds of its 16-Bit brother, this cart is no push-over. When compared to most 8-Bit titles of the similar genre, it's one of the best. Super Turrican for NES is sure to please action fans.


REGULAR SHOT A weak rapid-fire weapon that should be replaced quickly.

SUPER SHOT A single blast that shatters on impact. Very strong.

MEGA BLAST A blast of power that annihilates most enemies on screen.

BALL ROLL Roll into an invincible ball to get to tough areas.

SPREAD SHOT Powerful and covers a wide distance. Helpful.

RAPID FIRE A fast stream of shots that causes a lot of damage.

SPECIAL WAVE At any time, you can control a powerful wave of shots.

SHIELD Protects our warrior from enemies and flying bullets.

Don your special assault outfit and become Super Turrican. You and the U.S.S. Freedom Force are trying to free a captured planet. This new action cart by Seika pits you against an army of opponents, including flaming steam pipes, face-huggers and giant beasts. You will have to utilize your Turrican skills to liberate the planet. Collect power-ups and icons to protect you and to give your guns concentrated power.

People say:


There have been other versions of this game done for various systems but this is the best of the bunch. The graphics are very well done, the control is right on the money, and the audio is impressive. I liked the longer than average quest and the power-ups were better than average. A very well done game.


Although few players will be able to experience the Dolby Surround soundtrack, take it from me it is outstanding. Throw in exceptional graphics and lots of super intense action and this is the action game of the month for me. I like the idea of hidden power-ups as it adds more of a challenge to the game. Outstanding!


A great playing and great looking action cart for the Super NES! The action is intense, with lots of weapons and tons of enemies. The music is great and features Dolby surround sound! The game play is very good with precise control and plenty of techniques. With monstrous levels, the action gets a tad repetitive.


Super Turrican is an excellent multiscrolling action title for the Super NES! It doesn't have much of the flair of other fullblown mega-hits, but it has plenty of power-ups, technique, and cool sounds to keep you blasting. One thing that surprised me was the smoothness of the control and response.

The metallic champion of intergalactic justice has returned for another mind-blowing adventure! Super Turrican by Seika will shatter your conceptions of what an action game should be!

One of the many things that really sets Super Turrican apart is the vast array of weapons at your disposal. There are three weapons to choose from (each of which can be powered-up four times!) and some spectacular moves. In addition to all of this, Super Turrican sports some of the greatest game play this side of Neptune! Get ready for a real adventure on your Super NES with Super turrican!

Forget about those watered-down Turrican carts that came out before. To restore credibility to the Turrican name, Seika recruited the original European designers to develop this Super NES blast-a-thon.

Boasting 13 levels of jump-and-shoot action. Super Turrican also features colorful multilayered backgrounds and stereo music and sound effects with full Dolby Surround compatibility.

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