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a game by U.S. Gold
Genre: Action
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 3 reviews, 4 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Dreamworlds and evil enemies are about to be stopped by Zac and his twin sister in Swagman for the PlayStation and Saturn by U.S. Gold. Fully rendered characters, both allies and enemies, bring cartoons to life in a spectacular way. A magical story line with plenty of mirror warps and mystical beasts should keep any gamer busy. From the shots we saw, Swagman looks very impressive.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Imagine a world where the only thing that occupies people's minds while they sleep are nightmares. This is what will happen in the world that the game Swagman revolves around if Zac and Hannah, the two main characters in the game, don't rescue the members of DreamFlight. The fairies that make up what is known as Dream-Flight have been captured by the evil Swagman. They are the fairies who sprinkle the "good dream" dust on people while they sleep. Since no one wants to have bad dreams all the time, Zac and Hannah set out to defeat Swagman. Gamers will have to play through over 15 levels that go in and out of Swagman's world to find the fairies and take care of the big Boss himself. Players start in Zac and Hannah's house.

Swagman is an action/adventure title that has players finding a plethora of items (like keys and weapons) that will help them advance into the game. For instance, early on players must locate the bombs so they blow a bed out of the way. They'll use another bomb to blow a hole in a wall to get to another area. Check out the sidebar on the inventory system of the game for some more info.

The graphics in Swagman are rendered similar to those in Shining Wisdom or Johnny Bazookatone. The difference is that Swagman is played from a top-down perspective. Many of the graphic effects in the game come from the items or weapons used (like lighting effects on the frisbee that look like sparkles).

The rooms are mazelike in design, having gamers going back and forth between rooms to advance. For instance, a key in one room ends up opening a door close to the beginning of the level-similar to many adventure titles of this sort.

This one is still in its early stages, but it looks promising from what we've seen so far. This is only an early preview so expect more as this title develops.


People say:


Games like this are always at least a little fun for me even if they're half-rate. What makes Swagman even better is that it's hardly halfrate! Granted it's a bit of a kid's game but there isn't anything wrong with that-in fact, that's part of what makes Swagman so great. The idea behind the game is simple (as far as the fantasy type of story line) but a lot of fun. The graphics are pretty sharp (except for the occasional rough-edged sprite) with the different realtime lighting effects and shadows. The adventure aspects of the game are also done well. All of the different items were neat since they kind of matched what would be in a house-what kids could find and use. The switch to the dream world was also a very cool idea, although I have to admit I was a little scared of the different monsters...OK. maybe not really scared, but they were eerie. The level design was pretty complex but really, what house is that big with all of those hidden rooms? I guess that's why the game is a fantasy. I liked being able to walk around a house with a kitchen, bathroom, etc. Sure, it sounds weird, but it added a lot to the game. For example, in the bedroom, to go into a secret room, you can bat the clothes out of the way in order to find the secret entrance. Overall, it's a good buy.


Never before has a game been so normal. Although I can't really find one concrete complaint about the gameplay. I can't find anything stellar about it either It's just there. When you first play Swagman. you'll swear that you've played hundreds of games like it before. The cartoon-quality graphics and creepy soundtrack do create a great atmosphere.


Simple but fun-that's the best way to describe this vaguely Zelda-esque action game. Swagman's more than 15 levels are large and imaginative, with plenty of puzzles and hidden areas. Most of the puzzles are easy to figure out. Throw a switch here, move a box there and you're all set. The game looks spiffy, but sometimes it's hard to see doors.


Swagman deals out the goods: powerful ambience. deep story, Zelda-style controls, and backs it up with fairly decent challenges now and then. It's not too complex, so learning gamers will want to pick this up. I had a lot of fun rooting around in Swagman. and I know you will too, but I wouldn't recommend this to advanced gamers.

The action/adventure game Swagman takes a few cues from Nights (two kids caught in a dream world are on a quest to prevent nightmares) and throws in some slick rendered effects. Smoothly moving characters dance across brightly colored backgrounds; the 3/4-overhead view on this 60 percent version, however, seemed a little archaic by PlayStation standards. Ten magical 3D worlds and the ability to morph into DreamBeasts may add some much-needed excitement to this young-looking game.

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