The Horde

a game by Toys for Bob Inc.
Genre: Action
Platform: 3DO
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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The Horde is set in a humorous medieval fantasy world. Chauncey, the hero of this game, must defend his village against the mighty Horde. The mission of the Horde is very simple: devour everything in sight, including cows, houses, fences--they're not very picky. Chauncey, who has had the good fortune to come upon the great honor of protecting the village in the name of the King, finds out that it's harder than it looks! And so will you! The full-motion videos and the awesome storyline make this game totally fun. The Horde is also very comical in the way it moves.


This is the fastest paced RPG I have ever played! The full-motion cinemas are also very cool.


When you first start fighting the Horde they seem unstoppable.


The way the Horde will casually slurp down one of your very expensive cows, then burp!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

A host of Hollywood hot shots is heading to 3DO. The Horde, a fast-paced action/strategy game, boasts Kirk Cameron (of TV's Growing Pains) as the star of its many full-motion video sequences, which are being produced by Emmy-winner MacKenzie Waggaman. The Horde is set in a medieval fantasy world where Chauncey (Cameron) must protect his village from an army of razor-fanged attackers. The nine species of voracious hordlings will eat anything, including villagers, cows, and houses! Plenty of polygon graphics, 3D texture mapping, lifelike animation, and digitized character voices will enhance the magic and the humor of the story.

Crystal Dynamics began its relatively recent life in Palo Alto, California, and has focused on creating games for 3DO and the 32-bit platforms. Burn and Total Eclipse (the current 3DO library) will soon be joined by The Horde. Crystal Dynamics' latest production melds Hollywood-style production work with state-of-the-art computer graphics and a wacky sense of humor.

Growing Pains

The Horde will be a sometimes goofy hack-n-slash game set in a funny feudal fantasy setting.

The disc features live-action, full-motion sequences interspersed between game play scenes. The star of the video show is the popular Crowing Pains television actor, Kirk Cameron. Kirk plays Chauncey, a skinny serving boy turned hero.

Using the Heimlich maneuver, Chauncey saves the king of Franzpowacki from choking on a piece of meat (part of an evil scheme by the villainous High Chancellor). Now Sir Chauncey has the dubious task of protecting the kingdom from an onslaught of weird, voracious, cunning creatures called Hordlings.

Eating on We Run

The Horde will be a part-action, part-strategy game. The Hordlings eat anything, everything, and everyone in their path. Their favorite foods are cows and people.

As Chauncey, you will basically advance through the disc by protecting various Franz-powacki villages. You'll be able to hack and slash 'em with your legendary sword, Grimthwacker. However, you'll also be able to set traps and position mercenaries, such as bowmen, at key locations around a village.

Then, when you issue a call, the Hordlings come rumbling and stumbling into the village. There's no telling where they'll begin their feasting. Hopefully, you've set up the proper defense against them!

Ugly Is Beautiful!

There will be nine types of Hordlings, each with a particular skill and an unusual comic appearance. For example, the Desert Hordlings burrow into the sand with a spiral horn set in the middle of their foreheads. Piranha Hordlings look like heads with feet, but have outrageous fangs.

And Now a Word from the Hordlings

The Horde world, though feudalist, will have some modern aspects. The people of Franzpowacki, for example, have crystal ball TV sets, and the Hordlings stage hilarious propaganda shows. One Hord ling commercial promotes an adopt-a-Hordling program by acting out a typical human family dinner scene...with mannequins, of course, since real humans would immediately become the meal's main course.

The Horde-you might just die laughing.

When you've been raised by cows, you've got something to prove. In The Horde, you play Young Chauncey as he rises above his bovine birthright by cutting down the horrible Hord-lings in this top-flight strate-gy/action game. Maybe 3DO games have something to prove, too.

In a Murderous Mooood

The fanciful quasi-medieval kingdom of Franzpowanki is overrun with voracious red creatures called Hordlings. As Chauncey the serving boy, you used the Heimlich Maneuver to save the king from choking. Now as Sir Chauncey, boy Knight, don't choke against the Horde.

The Horde combines tactical planning, resource management, and thumb-numbing hack-n-slashing. You receive a parcel of land which you must develop over several seasons by attracting villagers, nurturing crops, and raising cows. These resources produce cash, which you use to improve the village. The game covers five villages and a whopping 100 stages!

Standing in your way to fortune and glory is the Horde. Hordlings have insatiable appetites, and they eat almost anything in sight - crops, cows, houses, and especially people. There are eight types of Hordlings, including toothy Piranha Hordlings and huge Juggernaut Hordlings.

Your primary weapon is your mighty sword, Grim-thwacker. Since you're just a little guy, you swing Grim-thwacker in a full circle with both hands. If you make three swings too quickly, you become dizzy...and vulnerable.

As you build up cash flow, you can buy additional Hord-ling-destroying goods. Le Bomb and the Flamethrower are effective weapons, but the most important and most expensive resources are Mercenary contracts. With these you can buy CPU-controlled Knights and Archers, and position them throughout the village to automatically hammer Hordlings.

Chauncey Controls

The game's excellent controls put you in complete command. You can make Chauncey cover territory in any direction through terrain that spreads across several screens. The easy-to-read Hordling radar is a key tactical tool, indicating where Hordlings are attacking. A cool, easy-to-access, overhead satellite view enables you to quickly plan your defenses.

Monster Sights and Sounds

You can really sink your teeth into The Horde's 3DO graphics and sounds. The story line sequences are nicely done full-motion video clips starring real actors in full feudal regalia. Kirk Cameron, formerly "Mike Seaver" of TV's Crowing Pains, stars as Chauncey, but Kirk's not the game's only TV connection. Periodically, the Hord-ings break into the on-screen action with their own pirate propaganda TV. These outrageous "infomercials" use excellently animated computer graphics to tout such potentially lethal but funny fare as the Adopt-a-Hordling Program (for unwary humans only).

During the fighting/village-building sequences, the game switches to cool sprite animation. The Hordlings move with exquisite action, bouncing, trotting, and lumbering fluidly. Look closely for screwball details like the dizzy cows.

Tune in to the game sounds, because the excellent effects are the stars of the audio show. Archers and Knights voice reassuring encouragement (in terrible but hilarious French accents). Listen to Hordlings munching and cows mooing for help, and soon you'll know exactly what's going on even if you can't see it happening.

To Horde or Not To Horde

This imaginative game tries to do something different, and it works. The brain-to-thumb action will keep your head in the game. The Horde deserves a top spot in the 3DO herd. Remember, you Horde it here first.


  • Spend your money wisely. You must always have enough to pay taxes and to pay for mercenaries and special Items.
  • Hordllngs like to attack by crossing water.
  • Archers are the best mercenaries because they automatically launch arrows In a 360-degree radius.
  • Watch for Desert Hord-lings, who unexpectedly pop their heads out of the ground before an attack.
  • The Juggernaut Honh lings require eight Grlmthwack-er whacks.
  • Listen! Gurgling sounds means Hordllngs are attacking by water. Low roars mean the Juggernaut Hordllngs are about
  • Stay alert - some Hord-llngs draw you array from their comrades.
  • Hard lings tend to make thetr attacks from one direction. However, they change directions It they find your defenses are too tough.
  • You can save villagers who have been eaten If you can whack the Hordllng before It burps.
  • Chauncey runs slowly across certain terrain, such as rocks, but he books down the stone paths.
  • Cows really bring In the moola, If you can protect them.
  • Since few Hordllngs attack when you first arrive at a territory or just after you pay your taxes, you can usually get away with not spending any cash to beef up your defense.
  • Since Forest Honlllngs can become temporarily Invisible, use the Horde radar to find them, or swing Grlmthwacker at their last visible location.

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