Tobal No.1

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a game by Dream Factory
Platform: Playstation (1996)
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 2 reviews, 5 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Tobal No.1
Tobal No.1
Tobal No.1
Tobal No.1

It's not a surprise that we're beginning to see more Square games that use cool 3D graphics, but who'd have thought they'd be utilized in a fighting game!? Tobal I is the result of Square's continuous exploration of new technology, which has spilled into new genres for the company.

The character designs are handled by none other than the God of Manga, AkiraToriyama of Dragon Ball Z fame, who also added his touch to Chrono Trigger. Tl is being kept under tight wraps and little information is available apart from the fact that the characters seen here will eventually be beating each other for some reason or another.

So what's next for Square? A 3D shooter? How about Square sports? Actually, the move to fighting games isn't outrageous when you consider that this is a company looking to expand in many formats.

RPGs are big, but why not play it safe with a fighting game with broader appeal? So should we prepare for yet another generic 3D fighter I for the Play-Station? Not if I Square has any-I thing to do with I it. People in the I know point to features never before seen in a fighting game that will distinguish Tl, like a possible RPG link and long story mode.

It remains to be seen how Tobal I will be received, what with the likes of VF3 currently running around.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

If there's one thing the PlayStation has plenty of nowadays, it's 3-D fighting games. It seems that almost every company is churning out a 3-D fighter of some sort. Perhaps one of the strangest cases of this is Tobal No. 1.

Tobal No. 1 comes to us from none other than Square Soft, the company responsible for some of the greatest RPGs ever made, including Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy series. Square fanatics may feel a bit cheated that their favorite company has apparently "sold out" to make fighting games, but fear not, Tobal No. 1 is still an excellent game.

At first glance, you might be disappointed with Tobal. The characters lack the texture mapping of such fighters as Tekken 2 and Virtue Fighter 2, making the graphics appear a bit plain. However, the game moves at a super-realistic 60 fps, resulting in incredibly smooth and lifelike animation.

Another plus for the graphics is the character design by the great Akira Toriyama, the man behind the hit series Dragonball Z. Toriyama also did the character design for Square's previous hit, Chrono Trigger. The non-tex-tured graphics lend themselves very well to the character design, making the game seem more like actual anime.

You choose from eight different fighters to compete in a Tournament Mode or a Vs. Mode. There is also a Practice Mode to get your moves down perfect.

Gameplay is fairly simple, with three Attack buttons (Low, Medium and High), a Block button and a Jump button. That's right, a Jump button.

Square Soft wanted to make a 3-D fighter that was true 3-D, where you could walk freely around the ring while you fight. With a button for jump, you can now use the directional pad to move your fighter all around the screen. Move to the side of your opponent to grab and throw him, then walk behind him and kick him in the back as he stands up. All sorts of new techniques are now possible with full 3-D movement.

While the true 3-D range of movement certainly makes Tobal No. 1 stand out among fighting games, another unique feature is the inclusion of a Quest Mode.

After you tire of fighting, or if none of your friends prove to be a big enough challenge, you can play a 3-D dungeon game that combines the fighting of Tobal with adventure elements.

In Quest Mode, choose from any of the eight characters to control in a third-person view through multiple dungeons. In the maze-like dungeons, you can collect items, solve puzzles, fight enemies and eventually work your way up to the Boss of the level.

When you encounter a fight in the Quest Mode, the camera switches to the normal fighting view as you pummel the poor creature senseless. You still have your wide range of fighting moves, as well as some new tricks to help you in the quest. For instance, you can pick up items, throw things and even buy energy rechargersind in with crystals you find the dungeon.

Tobal No. 1 represents a new high in fighting games. With many original and exciting features, it sets a standard for future 3-D fighting games to strive for. Besides all that, the game is a heck of a lot of fun. Between all the modes of play, you'll be busy for quite some time. You could do a lot worse than to pick up Tobal No. 1.

The undisputed king of console role-playing games (Square developed the immensely popular Final Fantasy series) is trying to expand its reign over another genre-fighting games- with Tobal No. 1. This futuristic 3-D fighter is set on the planet Tobal, where natives occasionally hold a fighting competition called "Tobal Number One" to determine who is the planet's top fighter. Players have complete freedom to move around in the 3-D environment. Players can attack their opponents from the left, right, front and behind. It looks sharp but it's too early to tell if this title will grant Square Final Fantasy-like success in the world of fighting.

  • MANUFACTURER - Sony Comp Ent
  • THEME - Fighting
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

Look out! Square's PlayStation debut isn't an RPG-it's a fighting game! You're probably confused, but don't worry-this title is practically guaranteed to become a fantastic fighting game and a huge hit. Why? The team developing Tobal No. I is simply awesome: Dream Factory is a new team composed of key development staff for Virtua Fighter, VF 2, Virtua Racing, Tekken, Tekken 2, and even Soul Edge. The impressive resumes of these individuals motivated manga and anime artist Akira "Dragon Ball" Toriyama to offer his help-not just with the character design as he did for Chrono Trigger on the Super Famicom, but with the world design.

The fighting system is conventional one-on-one gameplay; however, Square introduces a new element-grappling-from which various attacks such as throws, wrestling holds, punches, and kicks can be launched. A variety of blocking moves has been adopted for greater technique, too. Tobal could be one of the must-buy titles for the PlayStation in '96!

Taking a break from RPGs, Square Soft enters the 3D fighting realm with Tobal No. 1. You start play choosing from eight characters. Additional fighters, however, are made available through the Quest mode, where players must work their way through mazes of traps, jumps, and enemies.

The 3D controls work well but take time to master. For instance, hitting Up on the directional pad steps your character into the background. To execute a jump, you must press a corresponding button.

The combat smacks and music are only average, and some of the voices become annoying. Smooth animations and clean textures boost the visuals.

Powerful competition from Tekken 2 and VF2 keep Tobal down but not completely out. The 3D animation and Quest mode offer something different to fighting fans.


  • After you knock down an opponent, simultaneously tap Jump and Low Attack to score an extra hit.
  • Always carry food with you in the Quest mode. The extra life boost will help you out when fighting a powerful enemy.

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