Transport Giant

a game by JoWood Ebensee
Platform: PC
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Transport Giant
Transport Giant
Transport Giant
Transport Giant

Despite going down like a lead balloon in Britain, the Germans loved 2000's Traffic Giant. The premise of the game was simple: turn a suburban sprawl into an efficient model of public transport and make the trains run on time. So, with the inevitability that night follows day, the developer has now come up with a sequel: Transport Giant.

The game is similar to Chris Sawyer's 1994 masterpiece Transport Tycoon. In TG though, rather than micro-managing cities, you develop a full transport infrastructure for a country, while making a fat profit from shipping freight and passengers. However, unlike its classic inspiration, this rendition falls flat on its arse.

For starters, there are big issues with pathing, Al and basic sanity. Road transport seems incapable of overtaking slower traffic, so new HGVs find themselves driving from London to Glasgow at 10mph, stuck behind a horse and cart.

Then there's the trains. You can toil for hours creating a fantastic train network, only for the computer to turn them 180-degrees (for no apparent reason), straight into the path of oncoming trains. And we won't even go into the logic-defying shipping system...

However, what really gets our goat is that all this could've been avoided with a few design tweaks. Transport Giant should have been an engrossing game; in its current state though, it's just a giant pain in the arse.

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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