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Start penning those ticked-off letters now, paleontologists: Developer Propaganda Games is growing its thunder lizards larger than life for this set-in-the-future reboot of the tarnished Turok first-person-shooter franchise. "At several points in the game," says Propaganda VP Josh Holmes, "you'll engage a T-Rex creature that has grown beyond what would be realistic based on scientific data." But even if this futuristic shooter's titanic dinosaurs--products of genetic engineering run amok on an alien world--don't do you in, their little brothers will. "We have physics-based grass that allows you to creep up on enemies for stealth kills," says Holmes. "But the grass also has lizards and mini-raptors that'll run away if you encounter them. If enemies see them scatter, they'll know there's a threat and turn their weapons on you."

Fortunately, you can "convince" the dinosaurs to fight on your side. Pricking them with arrows makes them take out their anger on the nearest enemy. Even cooler: Your shotgun has a dino-luring-flare launcher. Tag a bad guy--whether in single-player or the multiplayer modes--and he becomes a 6-foot drumstick to any nearby carnivores.

Cool, but the thought of dino allies also brings to mind reptile-rider Tobias Bruckner, the cyborg cavalry captain boss of 2002's Turok Evolution, a game that put the "terrible" in "terrible lizard." "I guarantee we have no Tobias Bruckner," says Holmes, quick to distance his game from the character who's become the mascot for crappiness in our annual Game of the Year Awards (see next issue). "And no machine guns mounted on the heads of dinos, either."

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