World of Tanks

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Platform: PC
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World of Tanks
World of Tanks
World of Tanks
World of Tanks

Gear up, soldier, and prepare yourself for World of Tanks by Wargaming Group Limited. Jump into this unique strategy action game and engage in amazing player vs player clashes. Show them all who has the superior firepower and tactics by utilizing the ever-expanding selection of historical vehicles and exploring the brilliantly rendered locales. If you are looking for a tank warfare game that has amazing gameplay, stunning graphics, and a stirring orchestral soundtrack, you have come to the right place. Prepare yourself, and let’s get a good look at this veritable cornucopia of heavy-duty war machines.


The gameplay of World of Tanks functions like a third person shooter but you remain solely in your tank for the entire game. Switch between first and third person as you maneuver your war machine around the map and battle enemy units. It plays as though you were playing Battlefield 1 and you stay in a vehicle for the entire battle.

This is a game of skill, intelligence, and tactics. You must know how your tank functions, what its capable of and what its firepower is. You don’t need a PhD to learn this stuff but there is definitely an amount of effort required to become proficient in it. I found the game to be an incredible amount of fun, especially when played with a group of friends. There are multiple game modes available from playing alone, to team deathmatches, to capture the hill, and much more. The gameplay value is amazing, as you can play for hours each session and encounter something new every time. With 160 million concurrent players, this massive number of players ensure that you will be able to battle someone new and exciting for years to come.

Now, I must confess that this is a game that requires patience and dedication. You will have to put in the time to get the most out of it, like Dark Souls or any other difficult game, there is a grind to it. But, if you are ready to get cracking, you wont even notice it.

Tank Selection

There is a fantastic selection of tanks and military vehicles available for you to peruse. With over 600 machines, you can choose one of five vehicle types and familiarize yourself with all of their unique features and specialties. Find exactly what works for you and play your way.


Yep, don’t panic, there are customization options for your tank! You can upgrade and customize your war vehicle with a shocking number of modules, equipment, color schemes, emblems, and numbers to make it so you can express your true inner tank. Jokes aside, I love how much it lets you customize; it really adds a lot to making you feel like you have control over the way your vehicle looks and acts.


A fantastic game that knows what it is all about. Stunning visuals and great gameplay make for a brilliant time. If you love tanks, get this game.


  • Great Visuals
  • Amazing Gameplay


  • The grind is real and intense

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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