WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role

Download WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role and become a wrestling legend! Choose your favorite superstar, dominate opponents, and rise through the ranks of the WWF. Unleash your inner wrestler and play now!
a game by THQ, and Acclaim
Genres: Fighting Games, Sports
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 8.7/10, based on 3 reviews
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WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role
WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role
WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role

SmackDown fans get ready for more of the same mojo that made the original such a fan favorite. Developer Yuke's CO. of japan has pumped up Know Your Role with all-new story lines, additional play modes and updated rosters. Along with the modes you're familiar with, there are now Ladder Matches and Tornado Tag Team events. Expect to see bodies flying (very) high and low. The emphasis is on circus-like aerobatics plus crushing leaps and pins.

Players will continue to fight backstage, in the VIP room, the parking lot and now in the World Wrestling Federation Entertainment complex. An up-to-date roster includes 50 WWF Superstars including The Rock, Triple H and Chyna. Create-a-Superstar seems every bit as entertaining as last year. THQ will release SD!2, this fall. Look for a hands-on preview in the November issue of EGM. In the meantime, check out these exclusive shots.

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Flipping on your tele for a Thursday-night edition of SmackDown! means you'll probably see more talking than ol'-fashioned fake ass kickings. Now. on the heels of the best PS one wrestling game ever, SmackDown! 2 returns with a similar amount of chatting and jibber-jabber to make the wrestling action that much more intense. While the real WWF is founded on rivalries and fickle, abandoned loyalties, the latest version of SmackDown! imitates this same soap opera-style shift in mentality with brilliance. After all the talk is finished, all the interference is run, and after a sworn enemy has belted you backstage with a chair to the solar plexus, you'll feel your blood pressure rise, a rush of adrenaline tingle, and you'll want to do some serious damage in the ring. How the emotion translates, I can't say. But this game simulates the energy and excitement of its real-life counterpart. The gameplay Is razor-sharp, the collision is right-on, and the game looks fantastic. There are enough different match types (Ladder, Hell in a Cell, Coffin Match) to keep you energized through a whole season, which includes every pay-per-view in real life. The Create-A-Wrestler is ramped up, a huge improvement over the original and if you've seen a move on TV, you're going to see it in the game. Even when the Rock spits. Overall, this is an obvious must-buy for wrestling fans. But it's perfect for parties, too. Definitely check it out.


This has got to be the best wrestling game on the market today. SmackDown! 2 not only re-creates the action in the ring very convincingly, but does a great job of imitating the soap opera that is the WWF when the brawlers are out of the ring. Plus it's got all the style, intros and moves of your favorite superstar (I live to experience the People's Elbow). Of course, since the WWF's plot changes radically in the space of an hour in real life, THQ's offering is a little out of date, but who cares? The gameplay is solid, and this is a blast to play with three friends. Whether you're a WWF fanatic or just a casual observer, there's a lot to like in SmackDown! 2.


Wrestling games are always a sketchy proposition, usually designed to appeal to the fans of the genre, at the expense of actual gameplay. Thankfully, WWF SmackDown! 2 is an exception. While the gameplay doesn't quite achieve Soul Calibur standards, it's as good as I've yet seen in a wrestling game, and this is likely the deepest wrestler yet, insofar as features and options are concerned. The createaplayer is so deep it's almost a game unto itself, and the cre-ate-a-taunt-manager-pay-per-view and more will let WWF fans cook up just about anything. The graphics are tight, and the presentation is on point. If you must have a wrestling game, this is it.

Do you like wrestling games? It doesn't matter if you like wrestling games! THQ is about to layeth the smacketh down on you candy-asses yet again. Yuke's has added more new features to SD!2 than dimples on Rakishi's butt, including The Undertaker's (American Bad-ass version) infamous Casket match and Foley's terrifying Hell in a Cell match. Players can also send someone through a table and swan-ton bomb off a ladder in the new table and ladder matches. Tag-team bouts have been updated with new double-team moves and Tornado Tag rules. With wrestling superstars jumping ship from one company to another so often, THQ has done a good job of keeping the roster up to date.

SD2 includes over 50 WWF superstars, including relative newcomers like the Radicals, Chris Jericho and Trish Stratus, not to mention some supporting characters like Patterson, Brisco, Stephanie and the Posse. THQ is betting that all you jabronies out there will smell what the Rock is cookin'when SmackDown! 2 is released this November.

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